• The electronic trade fair for home furniture including kitchen, bathroom, dining room, living room, bedroom, children, home office and garden furniture as well as home accessories.
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    • seating furniture
    hybrid chair

    Hybrid chair provides incredible sitting comfort

    Rolf Benz

    Imagine a chair that stylishly complements a spontaneous gathering of sofas [...]

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    • seating furniture
    gynko sofa

    Gynko sofa has a high cuddle factor


    Humour and functionality join forces in Gynko from Leolux. That delivers an adventurous sofa [...]

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    • dining tables
    automation industry exhibition

    Flexible dining table LIVING with butterfly pull-out system

    vitamin design

    As a basis the table can be supplied in ten lengths from 140 to 300 cm and three possible widths. the table can be easily extended with playful lightness [...]

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    • flooring
    automation industry exhibition

    THE MASHUP ABSTRCT rug - oriental tradition with modern design


    Repetitive floral or geometrical patterns? No chance. Bright colours that are easy on the eyes? Forget it. Grey is the new black [...]