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    •   Expo
    • collaborative robotics
    collaborative robotics

    State-of-the-art lightweight robot

    Voith Robotics

    State-of-the-art lightweight robot technology paired with the assets and domain know-how of Voith [...]

    •   Expo
    • collaborative robotics
    robot industry 4.0

    High performance collaborative robot

    Rethink Robotics

    Sawyer is the revolutionary collaborative robot designed to execute tasks that have been impractical to automate with traditional industrial robots [...]

    •   Expo
    • cable gland
    cable gland

    Turn & Split cable glands for preterminated cables


    KVT-ER - splittable cable gland is used for the routing and sealing of cables with and without connectors, hydraulic and pneumatic hoses. [...]

    •   Expo
    • collaborative robot
    robot industry 4.0

    Man and machine


    Robots can work alongside humans to improve productivity and product quality in a process called Man Robot Collaboration [...]

    •   Expo
    • CNC
    robot industry 4.0

    Turn & Mill complete machining


    Complex turning and milling operations with ultra-compact turning/milling spindle and up to 20,000 rpm [...]

    •   Expo
    • laser engraving
    robot industry 4.0

    Laser Engravers


    The Speedy is the ideal laser engraving machine - whether you start your business or want to speed up production

    •   News
    • parts cleaning
    kuka goes digital

    “Six-axis robots for parts cleaning”


    The HE cleaning robots from Stäubli are designed for particularly tough operating conditions [...]

    •   News
    • Industry 4.0
    kuka goes digital

    “Hello Industrie 4.0 – We go Digital”


    KUKA will showcase numerous solutions in the sector of Industry 4.0 and will present also a world premiere [...]