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ACD’s mobile workstation MAX Li-Ion now also with integrated bypass circuit in the smallest version

Photo by ACD Gruppe

To expand the MAX Li-ion product family, an additional version of the MAX 300 Li-ion will be available in the future, the MAX 300BP Li-ion with bypass circuit, in addition to the various power classes. All MAX Li-ion models stand for maximum power supply: On the one hand they are extremely powerful and on the other hand they have significantly longer running times at lower weight.

Flexible working in the entire warehouse environment: With the Mobile Workstation MAX, developed by ACD Elektronik GmbH, this has been reality for almost 15 years now. Now the Mobile Workstation MAX has been extended by a new variant in the Li-Ion family. The MAX 300BP Li-Ion now enables simultaneous charging and operation even in the smallest version with 500 VA and integrated bypass circuit. Previously, this was only possible with the “big brothers” MAX 750 Li-ion and MAX 1200 Li-ion. As usual, the maintenance-free lithium-ion battery provides improved performance, making the Mobile Workstation MAX the ideal companion for multi-shift operation. The lithium-ion battery not only enables intermediate charging (e.g. during breaks), but is also much lighter than with conventional systems.

Whether in warehouse logistics, quality assurance or in incoming and outgoing goods, the Mobile Workstation MAX works independently of the power supply and thus saves unnecessary distances. The data acquisition can be carried out directly at the product or in the incoming goods department with the help of the Mobile Workstation and thus leads to a significant increase in efficiency. The lithium iron phosphate battery of the MAX 300BP Li-Ion with 12 V/100 Ah enables intermediate charging at any time; for example during breaks. This means that longer running times, even with high consumption levels, are possible without having to change the battery. With the included lithium iron phosphate battery, approx. 2,500 charging cycles are possible. The lithium-ion battery is also maintenance-free, has a longer service life than conventional lead batteries and has a greater depth of discharge.

The mobile workstations of the MAX family have all necessary approvals for Europe and the USA. Due to the significantly lighter battery, the MAX 300BP Li-Ion mobile workstation has a total weight of only 68 kilograms (without additional components). An integrated battery management system provides cell balancing and cell monitoring functions. In addition, all mobile workstations are equipped with socket strips including an RCD. Further equipment options, such as various accessories, can – as usual – simply be selected or individually adapted using the modular principle. Customer-specific special designs round off the MAX kit as the ideal companion in warehouse logistics and ensure a needs-based and process-optimised workstation in the entire warehouse environment, incoming and outgoing goods, quality assurance or during inventory procedures.

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