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Handling and storage of hose systems: Our white paper provides information

The longevity of hose assemblies, which are considered consumable components, is primarily influenced by how they are handled, stored, and, most importantly, the conditions under which they are used. In our white […]

Why to Use NETZSCH Original Parts for Pump Spares

Why should I opt for NETZSCH’s more expensive original pump spare parts when there are countless cheaper alternatives available from various suppliers in the market?” This is a question and assertion that […]

Markert clarifies why PTFE hose systems offer ideal solution for many applications

The use of PTFE in the manufacturing process of hose systems: Markert clarifies it its white paper In demand in various industries: Find out in Markert’s white paper why PTFE hose systems […]

sera GmbH

Ethiopia’s Beer Market Thrives – New Kegna Brewery

The beverage industry in Ethiopia is on the upswing. Not only water bottlers and soft drink producers report increased demand, breweries are also benefiting. After the Ethiopian government increasingly banned advertising for […]

sera GmbH


Users of diesel vehicles are familiar with „AdBlue“. The pollutants produced during combustion are usually effectively removed directly in the engine, the exhaust gas drives the turbocharger and then passes through the […]

DESMI pumps are selected for the expansion of Salmon Evolution’s land-based plant

In the world of aquaculture, the health and well-being of fish take precedence. However, ensuring optimal conditions for fish is just one piece of the puzzle. A successful aquaculture plant demands careful […]

New approvals for butterfly valves GEMÜ R480 Victoria NSF and DVGW-certified

GEMÜ’s butterfly valves, namely the R480, R481, R487, and R488 models, have recently obtained NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 and DVGW certifications. These certifications confirm that GEMÜ, the valve specialist based in Ingelfingen, offers products […]

TOMRA, INEOS & EGN to recycle post-consumer polystyrene waste

TOMRA, the world leader in waste transformation; INEOS Styrolution, the global leader in styrenics;  and EGN Entsorgungsgesellschaft Niederrhein, a leading recycling company, have today announced a ground-breaking project to convert post-consumer polystyrene […]

Watts Water Technologies EMEA

bar-miniswitch® – mega-compact & maxi-versatile system

Position feedback systems are used on quarter-turn valves in piping systems and must be matched to the application conditions and quarter-turn actuator sizes. The bar-miniswitch optical/electrical limit switch feedback system is a […]


DESMI generating a very satisfactory yearend result for 2022

May 8, 2023, the general assembly approved the yearend result for 2022 for the DESMI Group – a record-high net revenue of DKK 1,880 million and a profit before tax of DKK […]


W. Müller: Quality pays off

Recently W. Müller was able to complete a new project successfully and to the satisfaction of their customer. W. Müller was approached by a customer about problems in his production. He had […]


ENGEL: Faster mould set-up – more efficient production

Increased productivity in injection moulding process translates to lower unit costs, a stronger competitive position, and more profit. To achieve this goal, optimising product changeover times is right at the top of […]

Hennecke GROUP


At the beginning of the new year, Hennecke – the renowned manufacturer of polyurethane processing technology – started producing its new HIGHLINE MK2. The entirely re-developed, high-pressure metering machine is the second […]