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Micro-Epsilon’s new optoNCDT 1420 laser sensor offers precise fill level measurements of oil temperature sensors

Oil temperature sensors (OTS) are used to monitor the engine temperature of vehicles. The sensors must function absolutely reliably and faultlessly in order to prevent the motor from overheating and thus being […]

Sensirion’s new SHT45 humidity sensor offers highest measurement accuracy for humidity and temperature

Sensirion reveals the new high-precision SHT45 humidity sensor as part of Sensirion’s 4th-generation humidity sensors – the SHT4x series. The SHT45 offers the highest accuracy for humidity and temperature backed up by […]

Creaform introduces its new VXintegrity 3D scanning solution

Creaform, a business unit of AMETEK, Inc. and worldwide leader in portable 3D measurement solutions and engineering services, announced the release of VXintegrity, the ultimate 3D scanning solution for surface damage assessment. […]

Angst+Pfister presents its new OXYPA paramagnetic oxygen sensor module

The parametric measuring principle for oxygen sensing works in a concentration range from ~0% O2 and up to 100% O2. The physics is rather complex, and there are different measurement approaches in […]

Baumer’s new PAD20 analysis sensor enables protection against dry run and cavitation in pumps

A new type of sensor efficiently protects pumps against dry run and cavitation. With PAD20, sensor expert Baumer presents an intelligent solution for varied applications and industries. The principle is simple: The […]

IST’s new LFS1505 thick-film conductivity sensor offers ideal solution for single-use applications

Small, fast and economical: Innovative sensor technology IST AG launches the new LFS1505 thick-film conductivity sensor. The sensor fits easily into small handheld measuring devices and is suitable for single-use applications. IST […]

UWT demonstrates the features of its new Capanivo® CN 7000 sensors

Bringing capacitive sensors to the next level! Features and highlights of the newly redesigned CN 7 sensor range presented by Guoyan Zhang-Mailänder (Area Sales Manager) and Nikolas Oppenberger (Product Management). In Live […]

APSP’s new PFLOW2001 flow sensors offers cost-efficient solution with long-term availability

The new Angst+Pfister Sensors and Power (APSP) PFLOW2001 flow sensors are based on MEMS technology and measure according to the thermal principle. Thanks to a sensor chip of the latest generation and […]

Micro-Epsilon presents the new eddyNCDT ES-U1-T and ES-U3-T displacement sensors

The eddyNCDT ES-U1-T and ES-U3-T displacement sensors are new to the Micro-Epsilon portfolio. Both sensor types can be fastened via clamping. This offers several advantages: the sensors are not subject to torsional […]

Baumer expands its range of strain sensors with the new DST53 and DST76 model

Screw-on strain sensors frequently provide a clever alternative to force measurement. Particularly for large forces, they are significantly more cost-efficient than force sensors. In addition, they allow different force ranges to be […]

APSP’s new temperature sensors SMT172 series offers measurement accuracy of 0.1°C

Outstanding accuracy of 0.1°C, a very low-noise signal with a resolution superior to 0.0001°C and virtually perfect long-term stability and repeatability – these are the incredible features of the Angst+Pfister Sensors and […]

STAUFF releases its new PT100 temperature sensor featuring platinum measuring element

Temperature sensors with platinum measuring element PT100 from STAUFF determine oil temperatures much faster and more precisely. This is because the compact sensors react to temperature changes in the hydraulic tank without […]

FLIR’s new A50 and A70 thermal cameras feature IP66 rating and improved temperature measurement accuracy

When decision makers seek to integrate new hardware into their automation process, they are often looking at a few key areas: the ease of use, price point, features, and the ability to […]