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Baumer launches its new OM20 and OM30 laser distance sensor families

Miniaturized laser distance sensors from Baumer reliably handle precise measurement tasks The new laser distance sensor families OM20 and OM30 with IO-Link are perfectly suited to continue the trend towards more efficient, […]

Cable probe or resistance thermometer? Which probe makes sense in which situation?

There is more than one way to measure temperature in an application. The easiest option is certainly the cable probe. But the higher the demands on the probe, the faster the simple […]

Micro-Epsilon offers draw-wire sensors suitable for lifting systems for passenger cars

Modern lifting systems for passenger cars are the central operating equipment in car workshops and allow free access to the underbody of vehicles for maintenance, repair and servicing work. For electronic synchronization […]

IST AG’s Hi-Rel Pt temperature sensors receives requalification for space applications

The journey into the universe continues: Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG’s Space Sensor receives its requalification, thereby reinforcing its sustainable presence in outer space. Currently the only ESCC qualified Pt temperature sensors […]

Sensirion presents its new SEK-SCD41 CO2 sensor evaluation kit

Sensirion, the expert in environmental sensing, presents the SEK-SCD41 CO2 sensor evaluation kit. The SEK-SCD41 evaluation kit has been designed for easy and cost-efficient evaluation of Sensirion’s revolutionary SCD4x CO2 sensor. High […]


A dedicated programming language helps implement complex control concepts

Numerous applications in different fields require compact drives in order to carry out precisely defined axis movements in sequence or in parallel. This interaction is usually coordinated via a master unit, which […]

Pewatron’s new CozIR-LP3 CO2 Sensor is optimized to run fully autonomous

The CozIR-LP3 CO2 Sensor with < 3.5mW average power consumption, low-profile form factor and multiple fixturing options is designed to run fully autonomously with automatic self-checking and auto-zeroing, enabling the sensor to […]

The new ams AS6221 digital temperature sensor offers world’s highest measurement accuracy

ams, a leading worldwide supplier of high performance sensor solutions, announced the launch of the AS6221, the world’s most accurate digital temperature sensor. The AS6221 achieves measurement accuracy of ±0.09°C, over a […]

MTS Sensors introduces its new C-Series Off-Highway sensor

With 4-20mA output, this sensor is designed to accurately measure cylinder stroke lengths up to 275mm in rugged applications found on mobile paving machines, agricultural equipment, watercraft, recreational vehicles, and others. “Our […]

DIAS releases new PYROSPOT series 10 variants for measurements with variable emissivity

The digital pyrometers of the PYROSPOT series 10 from DIAS Infrared have proven themselves for many years for precise temperature measurements from 0 °C to 3000 °C in industry and research. For […]

Hexagon’s new HP-OW chromatic white light sensor optimized for rapid inspection of delicate parts

A new high speed, non-contact sensor for use with coordinate measurement machines (CMMs) from Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division addresses growing demand from the consumer electronics and medical industries to rapidly inspect delicate […]

Danfoss releases its new MBT 3310 bearing sensor specially designed for wind turbines

The new Danfoss MBT 3310 bearing sensor is specially designed for measuring the temperature in the bearings on wind turbines. Aimed at applications where reliability, longevity, and accuracy are crucial, the bearing […]

B+B Thermo-Technik GmbH

Cable probe or resistance thermometer?

To measure the temperature in an application, there is more than one way. The simplest option is certainly the cable sensor. But the higher the demands on the sensor, the faster the […]