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BD|SENSORS offers hydrostatic rod sensors measuring in ranges of 250 to 1.500 mm

There are different methods for measuring and monitoring levels of liquids. Hydrostatic fill level measurement is superior to all other measurement methods in terms of Reliability and long-term stability Simple assembly technology […]

The new KELLER 26X level probe offers ideal solution for hydrostatic pressure measurements

The KELLER 26X level probe provides highly accurate measurement results and is characterised by its excellent long-term stability. By means of mathematical modelling, temperature dependencies and non-linearity are precisely compensated for by […]

Micro-Epsilon introduces its new confocalDT 2465 and 2466 multi-peak controllers

Especially for measurements on dark or rough surfaces, Micro-Epsilon has designed two new confocal controllers. The confocalDT 2465 and 2466 multi-peak models offer extremely high light intensity with high measuring rates up […]

MEGATRON’s force sensors leverage bending beam principle to produce highly accurate measurements

The KM801 / KT803 and KM701 / KT703 force sensors from MEGATRON are ideally suited in applications for measuring switching and actuating forces. Since the sensors work according to the bending beam […]

Micro-Epsilon offers ideal option for precise coating thickness measurements in the battery industry

Measurement technology being used in numerous manufacturing steps in battery production must respond to extremely high requirements in terms of accuracy, performance and robustness. Therefore, high precision distance sensors, laser scanners and […]

ams OSRAM’s new TCS3720 ALS/proximity sensor features significant sensitivity and dynamic range improvements

ams OSRAM, a global leader in optical solutions, has launched a new combined ambient light (ALS) and proximity sensor which provides accurate color and illuminance measurements and reliable proximity detection even when […]

Angst+Pfister presents its new PZA-MC25-N and PZA-MC25-P potentiometric oxygen sensor modules

The potentiometric measuring principle for oxygen sensing has the widest range of concentration ranges among all oxygen sensing technologies – from 10-35 bar O2 and up to 100% O2. The physics may […]

Micro-Epsilon’s new optoNCDT 1420 laser sensor offers precise fill level measurements of oil temperature sensors

Oil temperature sensors (OTS) are used to monitor the engine temperature of vehicles. The sensors must function absolutely reliably and faultlessly in order to prevent the motor from overheating and thus being […]

Sensirion’s new SHT45 humidity sensor offers highest measurement accuracy for humidity and temperature

Sensirion reveals the new high-precision SHT45 humidity sensor as part of Sensirion’s 4th-generation humidity sensors – the SHT4x series. The SHT45 offers the highest accuracy for humidity and temperature backed up by […]

Creaform introduces its new VXintegrity 3D scanning solution

Creaform, a business unit of AMETEK, Inc. and worldwide leader in portable 3D measurement solutions and engineering services, announced the release of VXintegrity, the ultimate 3D scanning solution for surface damage assessment. […]

Angst+Pfister presents its new OXYPA paramagnetic oxygen sensor module

The parametric measuring principle for oxygen sensing works in a concentration range from ~0% O2 and up to 100% O2. The physics is rather complex, and there are different measurement approaches in […]

Baumer’s new PAD20 analysis sensor enables protection against dry run and cavitation in pumps

A new type of sensor efficiently protects pumps against dry run and cavitation. With PAD20, sensor expert Baumer presents an intelligent solution for varied applications and industries. The principle is simple: The […]

IST’s new LFS1505 thick-film conductivity sensor offers ideal solution for single-use applications

Small, fast and economical: Innovative sensor technology IST AG launches the new LFS1505 thick-film conductivity sensor. The sensor fits easily into small handheld measuring devices and is suitable for single-use applications. IST […]