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AGCO utilizes DIS Sensors’s Dynamic Inclinometer for its manufacturing facility in Vicenza

In Vicenza, the AGCO production site hosts the manufacturing facility for all Harvesting Machines belonging to the Group, including Fendt, Massey Ferguson, and Valtra. One of the key components utilized in the […]

DIAS releases special pyrometer PYROSPOT DG 54NH for applications with more specific requirements

DIAS Infrared offers a comprehensive range of devices for contactless infrared temperature measurement for monitoring and controlling of industrial processes. Among them are the digital pyrometers of the PYROSPOT series, which include […]

MEGATRON’s EVT series offers precise measurements with compact form factor

The EVT series of inductive displacement transducers from MEGATRON measure contactlessly and precisely. With a diameter of only 9.5 mm, the sensors are suitable for a wide range of applications in measurement […]

IST AG’s HYT939 K5 module delivers highly accurate measurements in humidity sensitive environments

Many industrial gas-supply systems rely on precise low humidity control to prevent water contamination. Water levels are maintained below a setpoint to avoid condensation, which in turn could lead to biofilm, corrosion, […]

The new Temposonics® R-Series V RM5 offers ideal solution for precise measurements in extreme environments

For many applications operating in extreme conditions, it is difficult to find precise and reliable measurement systems. The Temposonics® R-Series V RM5 with the extremely robust sensor housing is designed for such […]

Turck’s QR20 inclinometer combines measuring principles from gyroscope signal and MEMS acceleration measurement

Turck’s inclinometers with a combined MEMS and gyroscope signal for moving applications are now also available with a switching output Turck’s QR20 inclinometer generates its signal from the combination of two measuring […]

IST AG’s new HYT 939P with PTFE filter offers ideal solution for industrial drying applications

In industrial drying processes humidity measurement is vital in providing early warning of fluctuations in moisture content or for providing an indirect indication of how close dried materials are to their desired […]

Ifm launches the new generation of its OGD series distance sensors offering multiple options for optimization

Even more performance The new generation of tried-and-tested distance sensors from the OGD series combines all the advantages of their various predecessor variants in just one device. The user is now presented […]

Pepperl+Fuchs’s new IMU F99 inclination sensor delivers reliable inclination measurements for dynamic applications

Ever tried to hang a picture horizontally using a spirit level? Yes, it’s easy — the bubble of the spirit level indicates when the picture is hanging horizontally. Ever tried to keep […]

Micro-Epsilon presents its new extremely compact inductive induSENSOR DTD gauge

The inductive induSENSOR DTD gauge is designed for series solutions in machine building and automation. The new sensor system consists of a compact gauge and a robust cable controller. Its high accuracy […]

Sensirion releases new STS4xA digital temperature sensor designed for automotive applications

Sensirion announces the STS4xA, a highly reliable digital temperature sensor series specifically designed for automotive applications. The sensor platform supports automated optical inspection and comes with an advanced on-board diagnosis system. Sensirion […]

BD|SENSORS offers hydrostatic rod sensors measuring in ranges of 250 to 1.500 mm

There are different methods for measuring and monitoring levels of liquids. Hydrostatic fill level measurement is superior to all other measurement methods in terms of Reliability and long-term stability Simple assembly technology […]

The new KELLER 26X level probe offers ideal solution for hydrostatic pressure measurements

The KELLER 26X level probe provides highly accurate measurement results and is characterised by its excellent long-term stability. By means of mathematical modelling, temperature dependencies and non-linearity are precisely compensated for by […]