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Micro-Epsilon presents the new eddyNCDT ES-U1-T and ES-U3-T displacement sensors

The eddyNCDT ES-U1-T and ES-U3-T displacement sensors are new to the Micro-Epsilon portfolio. Both sensor types can be fastened via clamping. This offers several advantages: the sensors are not subject to torsional […]

Baumer expands its range of strain sensors with the new DST53 and DST76 model

Screw-on strain sensors frequently provide a clever alternative to force measurement. Particularly for large forces, they are significantly more cost-efficient than force sensors. In addition, they allow different force ranges to be […]

APSP’s new temperature sensors SMT172 series offers measurement accuracy of 0.1°C

Outstanding accuracy of 0.1°C, a very low-noise signal with a resolution superior to 0.0001°C and virtually perfect long-term stability and repeatability – these are the incredible features of the Angst+Pfister Sensors and […]

STAUFF releases its new PT100 temperature sensor featuring platinum measuring element

Temperature sensors with platinum measuring element PT100 from STAUFF determine oil temperatures much faster and more precisely. This is because the compact sensors react to temperature changes in the hydraulic tank without […]

FLIR’s new A50 and A70 thermal cameras feature IP66 rating and improved temperature measurement accuracy

When decision makers seek to integrate new hardware into their automation process, they are often looking at a few key areas: the ease of use, price point, features, and the ability to […]

Turck presents its new NI4-M12, NI7-M18 and NI12-M30 non-flush inductive measuring sensors

Turck’s new non-flush sensors set new standards with maximum accuracy and smart additional information for condition monitoring Besides offering flush inductive measuring sensors with an IO-Link output, Turck is now also offering […]

Sensirion discusses the European standard EN 17526 for thermal-mass gas metering

Thermal-mass gas meter modules: certified for the future EN 17526 is the new European standard dedicated to thermal-mass gas metering. It can now be used to certify new thermal-mass gas meters deployed […]

RTEC uses TorqSense SGR510/520 series to develop dynamometer meeting their design criteria

A UK company has committed to resetting the standards of accuracy for dynamometers, ahead of the increasing demand driven by the worldwide interest in improving engine efficiency and performance. Its technology is […]

Epson introduces its new M-A342VD10 and the M-A542VR10 vibration sensors

Seiko Epson Corporation has developed two new vibration sensors, the M-A342VD10 and the M-A542VR10, the latter of which has a dust- and water-protected RS422 interface. Both products are compliant with the evaluation […]

Turck’s new Li-Q25L inductive positioning system features support for latest IO-Link interface

Turck’s Li-Q25L combines the benefits of the contactless inductive measuring principle with IIoT features via IO-Link Turck has further developed its Li-Q25 inductive positioning systems and equipped the contactless linear position sensors […]

KELLER introduces its new OEM pressure transmitter 10LX / 10LHPX series

The KELLER OEM pressure transmitter of the 10LX / 10LHPX series consist of the high-quality 10L pressure transducer paired with the X-line electronics. The pressure transmitter delivers the highest performance and has […]

Sensirion’s SHT4xI-Digital humidity sensor optimized for measurements under challenging conditions

Sensirion, the expert in environmental sensing, is unveiling its 5 V SHT4xI-Digital humidity sensor, which is designed for conducting measurements under harsh conditions in industrial applications. Sensirion is expanding its series of […]

Epson introduces its new M-G370PDS0 inertial measurement unit

Seiko Epson Corporation has developed and is now shipping samples of the M-G370PDS0, a new inertial measurement unit (IMU) equipped with a high-performance six-axis sensor. Volume production of the new product is […]