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BD|SENSORS introduces its new DMP 333P pressure transmitter

For all high-pressure applications that require a dead space-free or flush-fronted process connection, BD|SENSORS presents the new DMP 333P pressure transmitter, which is mainly intended for measurements in pasty or viscous media, […]

Baumer’s smart level sensor CombiLevel PLP70 receives AutomationsBest Award

Baumer innovations are well-received, both by users and the professional audience of the trade magazine “messtec drives Automation” (Wiley). The smart level sensor CombiLevel PLP70 has finished first place in the voting […]

Senstech AG presented its new force sensor bracket and mini signal amplifier at SENSOR+TEST in Nuremberg

Senstech AG launched two new proprietary products at this year’s SENSOR+TEST in Nuremberg: the compact KB-011-1600 force sensor bracket and the SA-011-1500 mini signal amplifier. The new force sensor bracket is rectangular […]

Epson launches its new M-G370PDG inertial measurement unit

Seiko Epson Corporation has expanded its inertial measurement unit (IMU) lineup with the development of the M-G370PDG (“M-G370G”), an IMU equipped with a high-performance, six degrees of freedom sensor. The M-G370G entered […]

WayCon’s WPH encoder features wear-free Hall-effect sensor element offering exceptional durability and accuracy

The WPH encoder, a cutting-edge product manufactured by WayCon Positionsmesstechnik GmbH, uses state-of-the-art technology to measure angles precisely. Featuring a wear-free Hall-effect sensor element and boasting an impressive array of functions, the […]

Micro-Epsilon colorSENSOR CFO sensors utilized for inspecting quality of polyamide plastic finishing process

When finishing polyamide plastic by extrusion and strand pelletizing, absolute color fidelity is necessary to achieve high quality. Micro-Epsilon colorSENSOR CFO sensors are used for reliable color inspection of the granulate. To […]

IST AG’s new Pt100 resistive sensors offers temperature measurements in very narrow spaces

For applications with confined and narrow spaces, IST AG offers Pt100 resistive sensors with axial leads. The extremely narrow design of the sensor chip and the glass passivation allow temperature measurements in […]

Turck launches its new CMVT vibration sensor designed for condition monitoring applications

Turck’s CMVT sensor evaluates vibration and temperature data internally and thus also the easy retrofitting of condition monitoring in existing plants Turck has expanded its product portfolio with the CMVT, a robust […]

Sensirion expands its SLF3x family with the new SLF3S-4000B high-flow sensor

Sensirion expands the possibilities of thermal flow measurement in laboratory analytics and industry. With the help of a new design, engineers have succeeded in developing a high-flow sensor with significantly higher liquid […]

AGCO utilizes DIS Sensors’s Dynamic Inclinometer for its manufacturing facility in Vicenza

In Vicenza, the AGCO production site hosts the manufacturing facility for all Harvesting Machines belonging to the Group, including Fendt, Massey Ferguson, and Valtra. One of the key components utilized in the […]

DIAS releases special pyrometer PYROSPOT DG 54NH for applications with more specific requirements

DIAS Infrared offers a comprehensive range of devices for contactless infrared temperature measurement for monitoring and controlling of industrial processes. Among them are the digital pyrometers of the PYROSPOT series, which include […]

MEGATRON’s EVT series offers precise measurements with compact form factor

The EVT series of inductive displacement transducers from MEGATRON measure contactlessly and precisely. With a diameter of only 9.5 mm, the sensors are suitable for a wide range of applications in measurement […]

IST AG’s HYT939 K5 module delivers highly accurate measurements in humidity sensitive environments

Many industrial gas-supply systems rely on precise low humidity control to prevent water contamination. Water levels are maintained below a setpoint to avoid condensation, which in turn could lead to biofilm, corrosion, […]