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Walter’s D4120 indexable insert solid drill now available with more dimensions

In 2018, Walter established a flexible all-rounder on the market in the form of the D4120 indexable insert solid drill. The tool manufacturer is now completing its D4120 product range. With dimensions […]

Posalux ULTRASPEED Series: New features. Innovation for your benefit!

Posalux has further improved their market positioning in the mass PCB production for the electronics market by introducing the Posalux CNC 5000 digital servo drives for rigid axis control. They also released […]

Walter – A specialist and an all-rounder: Tools for titanium with twice the expertise

With the MD377 Supreme and the MC377 Advance, Walter offers two solid carbide milling cutters especially for titanium. The first is a high-end specialist for the aviation and aerospace industry; the second […]

Walter releases new WBK20 and WBK30 CBN grades designed for turning ISO H and ISO K materials

With the WBK20 and WBK30 CBN grades, Walter is launching two new indexable inserts for turning ISO H and ISO K materials: WBK20 (grain size diameter 3.0 μm) for finishing cast iron; […]

Enerpac’s new ECCE26 Chain Cutter offers faster, safer and greater cutting precision

Enerpac is changing the way you cut chain. The new Chain Cutters from Enerpac are designed to be faster, safer and offer more precision than cutting with torches, angle grinders and cut-off […]

Unisign Produktie Automatisering BV

unisign: Performing multiple operations on complex welded structures

unisign is very proud to share the reference of their highly valued customer VDL Konings, the Netherlands. VDL Konings was approached by a medical device manufacturer, asking the firm to produce a number […]

BIG KAISER opens new COVID-19-compliant TechCenter in Ruemlang, Switzerland

BIG KAISER, a global leader in premium high-precision tooling systems and solutions for the metalworking industries, has opened a new TechCenter at its headquarters in Ruemlang, Switzerland. The new TechCenter will enable […]

Hexagon’s new DELTA OPERA large volume CMM offers greater efficiency in loading very large parts

Hexagon released DELTA OPERA, the large volume CMM that simplifies loading of very large parts in industrial environments. DELTA OPERA’s unique open structure enables users to load workpieces from three sides of […]

KNARR Vertriebs GmbH

Rack and spiral drive for stack molds by Knarr

Increased efficiency through stack molds Double the output with the same tool and machine size, manageable investments and significantly lower unit costs? To make sure that this idea does not remain an […]

Milling machine Zimmermann


The name says it all: High quality requirements and short market introduction times – automobile manufacturers are in constant competition. In order to significantly accelerate the processes between prototyping and production, RapidFit […]

Meusburger’s E 3310 TT slide unit now available with two new sizes

In addition to the existing sizes with slide surfaces of 12 x 10 mm and 15 x 12 mm, the tried and trusted E 3310 TT slide unit from Meusburger has been […]

Mikron Tool launches new diameters in fractional inches

Mikron Tool launches new diameters in fractional inches

The Swiss cutting tool manufacturer Mikron Tool expands its offering and now provides tools with diameters in fractional inches, starting from 1/64” up to 1/4″ depending on the product line. The United […]



Diamond tool production by laser with High Speed Mode 3.0 can achieve 150 % faster speedand 50 % lower cost per part compared to EDM! Learn more about the advantages of laser finishing of […]