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Hamamatsu Photonics’s new Immunochromato Reader C10066-60 features 10 times higher measurement sensitivity

Hamamatsu Photonics has developed a new “Immunochromato Reader C10066-60” that gives precise readouts of fluorescence in immunochromatographic reagents. Its measurement sensitivity has been boosted more than 10 times higher than currently available […]

IST introduces the new P14 4051 Rapid 2 Thermo Humidity sensor

The P14 4051 Rapid 2 Thermo Humidity sensor features an on-chip heater and temperature sensor and operates at temperatures from – 80 °C up to + 150 °C. Smaller than the P14 […]

Baumer presents its new compact PF55S and PF75H/S series electromagnetic flow meters

Volumetric flow, flow velocity, and temperature measurement – three of the most important variables for efficient process control combined in a single sensor, the electromagnetic flow meter. Baumer is introducing two new […]

D-Rev uses Sensirion neonatal flow sensor for its new CPAP devices

A total of 7% of all newborns and up to 30% of all premature babies suffer from respiratory distress syndrome (RDS). If newborns are not professionally treated immediately after birth, the mortality […]

SMC’s D-MP position sensor helps ROBA Fentech profile sanding machine become a true all-rounder

Is there a draught? If the answer is “yes”, then the window frame or door frame doesn’t fit properly. To ensure your home stays warm and the doors and windows to look […]

SICK expands its image-based code readers portfolio with the new Lector61x

With the Lector61x, SICK is expanding its portfolio of image-based code readers. The compact device detects 1D, 2D and stacked codes for identification, inspection or content monitoring in production processes. The trend […]

Baumer’s optical miniature sensors offer reliable and safe hand detection for automatic hand sanitizers

Everybody knows them, and right now they are more in use than ever: automatic hand sanitizers. Inside, optical miniature sensors with background suppression from Baumer ensure reliable and safe hand detection at […]

Turck expands its safety technology potfolio with new inductive safety sensors

Turck’s inductive sensors enable wear-free position and range monitoring in safety-related applications Inductive safety sensors with two OSSD (output switching signal device) outputs complete Turck’s portfolio for safety technology. The proximity switches […]

SICK machine safety

SICK: customized user-friendly machine safety

With the Flexi Compact, SICK presents a new modular safety controller that is characterized by an improved user experience in handling and safety engineering. At the same time, users can operate automated […]

Micro-Epsilon’s new confocalDT IFS2407-3 and IFS 2404/90-2 designed for curved surface measurements

The next generation of confocal sensors from Micro-Epsilon is designed to precisely determine distances and the thickness of transparent materials. The confocalDT IFS2407-3 and the confocalDT IFS 2404/90-2 solve multiple new measurement […]


A broad base for Industry 4.0: pressure measurement technology that communicates digitally

BD|SENSORS is expanding its portfolio in the field of electronic pressure measurement devices with a new product range that offers digital interfaces. In the wake of Industry 4.0, networking processes are gaining […]

Baumer introduces its new DST20 miniature-format strain sensors

The miniature-format strain sensors DST20 complement the Baumer portfolio by adding a compact and cost-efficient solution for measuring large forces above 10,000 N even in confined spaces. With their dimensions of 28x12x10 […]

Sensirion made it’s SFM3019 mass flow meter available for ETH university

As a spin-off of ETH Zurich, Sensirion still has strong ties to the university, with contact between the two occurring via career fairs, academic associations and individual project support. The latter is […]