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Moog successfully installed its first Tarsier FOD detection and warning system for U.S. Marine Corps

Moog is celebrating the completion of the first of five Tarsier installations at the U.S. Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) in Yuma, AZ. Moog’s Tarsier was the world’s first automated foreign object […]

SensoPart’s new software improves flexibility and simplicity of its VISOR® Robotic vision sensor

SensoPart’s latest software update for its VISOR® Robotic vision sensor makes the setup of robotics applications even simpler and more flexible. Thanks to a considerably expanded scope of functions, all common 2D […]

IST flow sensor’s higher sensor sensitivity offers better experience for patients during treatment

Fast SFS and FS2 thermal mass flow sensors Air flow meters in ventilators are used to control the airflow, which is an important factor. Adults, for example, have different breathing volumes than […]

Sensirion’s CMOSens Technology offers accurate, robust and flexible flow measurement solutions

Hot-wire anemometers have set the standard for air flow measurements in respiratory applications for decades. In these, a thin wire is placed in the gas stream and heated. By measuring the heat […]

SensoPart’s VISOR® Robotic vision sensor receives Vision Systems Design 2020 Innovators Awards

SensoPart, German sensor manufacturer, announced today that its VISOR® Robotic vision sensor was recognized among the best in machine vision today by the judges of the Vision Systems Design 2020 Innovators Awards […]

ifm’s new compact Kplus sensor offers robust and versatile solution with minimum space requirements

Uniform correction factor (K=1) for reliable detection of all metals Compact design increases application range and reduces stock-keeping Noise immunity thanks to high magnetic field immunity up to 300 mT Non-stick coating […]

SensoPart’s new software update for VISOR® vision sensors features enhanced intelligence and versatility

A comprehensive software update is making VISOR® vision sensors from SensoPart even smarter and more versatile: As of now, multiple detection results can be compared, processed and analysed directly in the sensor. […]

Baumer expands its portfolio of IO-Link process sensors with its new PP20H and CombiLyz AFI sensors

Digital communication opens up many opportunities – but only sensors that reliably deliver precise measured values offer real added value by IO-Link. Well established and appreciated by many users, both pressure sensor […]

b+b infrared products

B+B sensors: response time in milliseconds and contactless measurement technology

In addition to invasive and non-invasive temperature sensors B+B also offers contactless temperature measurement. With the help of our infrared products it is possible to measure temperatures at distances. This technology is […]

Hexagon introduces its new RS-SQUARED Area Scanner designed for the Absolute Arm

Structured light scanning technology comes to portable measuring arms for the first time ever with the new RS-SQUARED Area Scanner. Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division launched the RS-SQUARED Area Scanner for the Absolute […]

B+B Thermo-Technik GmbH

We are there for you – in the B+B Online Shop

Already in 1999 B+B Thermo-Technik created its first online shop and is therefore a pioneer in this branch. Since then a lot has changed optically and functionally. The clear design and the […]

Baumer expands its railway portfolio with its new TE2 and TCR6 temperature sensors

For many decades the sensors of Baumer have been highly regarded in the railway industry for their reliability, precision, and robustness. The company also constantly sets standards with new, even more powerful […]

Sensirion’s SPS30 particulate matter sensor awarded MCERTS certification

Sensirion announces that the SPS30 particulate matter (PM) sensor has achieved MCERTS certification, which proves the sensor performance. In addition, the certification confirms that the SPS30 can be easily integrated into applications […]