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KSB launches new KSB Guard monitoring solution designed for potentially explosive atmospheres

Over the last two years, KSB has developed a wide range of solutions to ensure pumps are ready for the digital age, including the product portfolio for the KSB Guard monitoring solution. […]

Sensirion’s SHT33 humidity and temperature sensor is relied by Tive’s multi-sensor tracker Solo 5G

Sensirion, the expert in environmental sensing, announces that Tive’s multi-sensor tracker Solo 5G relies on its ISO 17025-certified humidity and temperature sensor SHT33. The Solo 5G offers the highest reliability and flexibility […]

Sensor Technology’s client adopts the new TorqSense SGR530/540 for its bottle capping operation

The new TorqSense SGR530/540, being introduced throughout 2020 and 2021, measures torque using a full four element strain gauge bridge. With this, four separate strain gauges are fixed to the drive shaft […]

AMSYS presents its new ceramic differential pressure sensor ME800

This corrosion-resistant pressure sensors can measure the differential pressure of two aggressive media in both directions for under and overpressure. The ceramic differential pressure sensor ME800 is a very robust differential OEM […]

SICK introduces its new RMS1000 radar sensor designed for outdoor applications

With the new RMS1000 radar sensor suitable for outdoor use, SICK is presenting a reliable solution for object detection and collision avoidance, even under the most adverse ambient conditions. Even in darkness, […]

Pewatron’s new 89 series pressure sensors designed for all media that won’t damage stainless steel

Many manufacturers and a wide range of products are available on the market for circuit-board-compatible pressure sensors, but hardly any solutions for liquid or even corrosive media. The new 89 series now […]

Sensirion presents its new STS32 and STS33 high-accuracy ISO 17025-certified digital temperature sensors

Sensirion, the expert in environmental sensing, announces its new calibrated and ISO 17025-certified temperature, and humidity and temperature sensors. These sensors enable customers to achieve cost-efficient GDP-compliant supply chain monitoring of drugs, […]

STAUFF’s new PPC-PAD-Plus offers ideal solution for demanding and complex measurement tasks

With the PPC-PAD-Plus, STAUFF presents the latest generation of hand-held measuring devices for the commissioning, servicing and preventive maintenance of hydraulic vehicles, machinery and equipment. In conjunction with STAUFF sensors, the PPC-PAD-Plus […]

IST AG’s new leakage detection Flow OOL module offers detection even the smallest liquid flow quantities

Drip…. drip.. drip… a dripping tap that loses 20 drops per minute not only drives people up the walls, but also wastes around 5,000 liters a year. With that much water, a […]

Micro-Epsilon’s new optoNCDT 1900 laser sensor features high precision with lightweight and compact design

The optoNCDT 1900 is the latest model of Micro-Epsilon laser sensors. Offering a unique combination of high speed, compact design and accuracy, this innovative sensor is used for dynamic displacement, distance and […]

B+B Thermo-Technik GmbH

From temperature professional to measurement technology specialist

10 years ago, in August 2011, B+B Thermo-Technik took over part of the company Hygrosens Instruments. But how did this takeover come about and what became of the acquired part? In 1984, […]

First Sensor launches its new MTE EFFICIENCY modular pressure transmitter platform

With the new MTE EFFICIENCY modular pressure transmitter platform, First Sensor AG, a developer and manufacturer of standard products and customer-specific sensor solutions in the growth market of sensor technology, is offering […]

Baumer’s inductive sensors offers multiple optimized modes for measuring value filters

5 possibilities for measured value filtering via the IO-Link interface to find the optimized application solution The inductive sensors include integrated measured value filters with five pre-set filters, which significantly simplifies the […]