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ATI’s AOV-10 Random Orbital Sander utilized in DIY Robotics’s Robotic Sanding Cell

DIY Robotics is offering a turn-key sanding solution to help small and medium-sized businesses bring industrial robotic sanding, finishing, and polishing into their facilities. Called the Robotic Sanding Cell, the solution employs […]

SensoPart launches its new VISOR Robotic URCap designed for vision-guided robotic applications

Set up robotic applications even faster and easier with the new VISOR® Robotic URCap. Industrial automation is no longer imaginable without robots: Especially collaborative robotic systems (cobots) that are able to work […]

HEIDENHAIN showcased its latest automation solutions at its virtual trade show

A virtual trade show for automation exhibited new solutions for robotics, medical technology, elevators, and more from HEIDENHAIN and its brands AMO, ETEL, NUMERIK JENA, RENCO, and RSF. Exhibited are ultra-compact encoders […]

FANUC introduces its new R-2000iC/190S 6-axis articulated arm robot

FANUC’s new R-2000iC/190S 6-axis articulated arm robot is able to break down barriers in precision applications such as direct component machining. Although the use of robots for applications like milling is not […]

FANUC launches its new M-1000iA large handling robot

FANUC is unveiling a new large handling robot, the M-1000iA, with a wrist payload of 1000 kg and a maximum reach of 3253 mm. Of particular note, the M-1000iA is FANUC’s largest […]

ATI releases its new QC-29 Robotic Tool Changer designed for 25-35 kg payload class

The QC-29 Robotic Tool Changer brings the powerful and rugged technology of ATI’s Heavy Duty Tool Changers to the 25-35 kg payload class. The QC-29 is the first standard ATI Tool Changer […]

FANUC introduces its new LR-10iA/10 lightweight and compact fully covered robot

FANUC has developed a new fully covered robot, the LR-10iA/10, which is not only lightweight and compact, but offers a wide working range and high resistance to dust and water. The combination […]

FANUC showcased its new ROBOSHOT α-SiB injection moulding machine at FAKUMA 2021

Considered the most important trade show for the plastics processing industry, FAKUMA 2021 is the ideal platform for presenting FANUC’s new ROBOSHOT α-SiB injection moulding machine. The new machine operates at higher […]

ATI’s Omega191 Force/Torque sensor system utilized by the new ExoGrind system

The primary objective of a foundry is to liquefy and form metal into shapes called castings. The environment is hot and the work is very physical and dangerous due to the hazardous […]

ATI partners with DIY-Robotics and RoboDK to develop the new Robotic Deburring Cell bundle

ATI Industrial Automation, DIY-Robotics and RoboDK combine their complimentary expertise in a user-friendly solution for a variety of material removal applications. Utilizing a ‘plug and play’ approach, the three companies have designed […]

FANUC presents its new ROBOSHOT ALPHA-SiB series for injection moulding applications

Enhanced control and software functionality is among a myriad of new customer-focused benefits provided by the ROBOSHOT Alpha-SiB With the release of the FANUC ROBOSHOT ALPHA-SiB series of injection moulding machines, FANUC […]

U.S. Armed Services made an order of nearly 600 FLIR Centaur® robots

FLIR Systems, Inc. announced that it has received more than $70 million in new orders for its advanced ground robots from the U.S. Armed Services. The U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, and […]

FANUC introduces its new ROBOCUT α-CiC series of wire EDM machines

Upgraded mechanical structure complemented by even more intuitive operation makes for enhanced customer experience Thanks to a number of breakthrough advances, the new ROBOCUT α-CiC series of wire EDM machines from FANUC […]