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Teledyne DALSA presents its new Linea SWIR line scan camera

Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies company and global leader in machine vision technology, announces its first short-wave infrared (SWIR) line scan camera for machine vision. The new Linea SWIR features a cutting-edge […]

Baumer develops new 10 GigE LXT cameras featuring 3rd generation Sony Pregius CMOS sensors

Greater sensitivity, improved image quality, and frame rates of more than 1500 fps – six new LXT cameras with resolutions from 0.5 to 7.1 megapixels combine 3rd generation Sony Pregius CMOS sensors […]

Allied Vision presents new Alvium Camera Kit designed for NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit

To make the integration of Alvium CSI-2 cameras into any system as easy as possible Allied Vision will be releasing various Alvium Camera Kits consisting of an Alvium CSI-2 camera, a set […]

FUJIFILM to launch new broadcast zoom lenses designed for 8K ultrahigh-definition video

FUJIFILM Corporation announces the development of new broadcast zoom lenses “FUJINON HP66×15.2-ESM” (HP66×15.2) and “FUJINON HP12×7.6ERD-S9” (HP12×7.6), capable of producing dynamic 8K ultrahigh-definition (UHD) video. The HP66×15.2 is a box type zoom […]

Teledyne DALSA expands its Genie Nano 5G series with new M/C8100, M/C5400 and M/C4500 models

Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies company and global leader in machine vision, announces its new GenieTM Nano 5GigE M/C8100, M/C5400 and M/C4500, based on the ON Semiconductor® 45M, 30M and 20M monochrome […]

Allied Vision added four new models to its Alvium 1800 series featuring 2nd Gen Sony CMOS sensor

A total of four new Alvium cameras with a USB3 Vision interface expand Allied Vision’s 1800 series. All models feature a powerful 2nd Gen Sony CMOS sensor with either Pregius Global Shutter […]

Teledyne DALSA launches its new GenieTM Nano-CXP C4090 and C5100 cameras

Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies company and global leader in machine vision technology, announces its new GenieTM Nano-CXP C4090 and C5100 cameras, based on the On-SemiTM 16M and 25M Mono color sensors, […]

FRAMOS now offers L515 depth camera featuring world’s smallest size and unparalleled depth quality

FRAMOS, a global partner for vision technologies, now includes Intel’s first LiDAR device – the new L515 depth camera – in its product range. The L515 is the world’s smallest and most […]

Andor Balor sCMOS cameras enables scientists study sun’s atmosphere with incredible details

The highest resolution Solar images have been captured by Andor Balor sCMOS cameras at the largest solar telescope in the world. Newly released data from the National Science Foundation (NSF) funded 4-meter […]

Vision Components showcased its latest high-end camera modules at the ITE2019

At the ITE2019 show in Yokohama, Japan, Vision Components presented its extended range of high-end camera modules with a MIPI CSI-2 interface: now offering 10 different image sensors with resolutions up to […]

Optronis expands its CamPerform Cyclone series with the new Cyclone-1HS-3500 camera

As the latest member of the CamPerform Cyclone series, the Cyclone-1HS-3500 camera captures and transmits up to 3,500 full images per second. The camera is thus adding a very rapid machine vision […]

Mikrotron’s new EoSens® 2.0CXP2 camera features CoaXPress Standard 2.0 technology

The EoSens® 2.0CXP2 camera is equipped with four CXP-12 connections The EoSens® 2.0CXP2 is the first CoaXPress Standard 2.0 of the EoSens® generation. This CoaXPress Standard 2.0 offers several new functions and […]

FUJIFILM releases new lens designed for the GFX Large Format Camera System

FUJIFILM Corporation announced the launch of the standard zoom “FUJINON Lens GF45-100F4 R LM OIS WR” (hereinafter “GF45-100mmF4 R LM OIS WR”) in late February 2020. This new lens joins the current […]