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Olympus presents its new TERRA™ II and BTX™ III mobile XRD analyzers

The Olympus next-generation TERRA™ II and BTX™ III mobile X-ray diffraction (XRD) analyzers offer faster quantitative mineralogy results in the field and lab. Powerful, intuitive software is paired with new X-ray detectors […]

Fluke Process Instruments expands its Thermalert 4.0 spot pyrometer series offering new interfaces and shortwave versions

Fluke Process Instruments extends its Thermalert 4.0 spot pyrometer series, adding new shortwave versions and various additional interface options. The compact, extremely robust infrared thermometers provide noncontact, automatic temperature monitoring. Three new […]

BD|SENSORS releases new DS 350 pressure switch suited for wide range of applications

With the DS 350 BD|SENSORS is marketing an advanced IO-Link pressure switch whose numerous functions mean it can be configured even more individually to suit the particular conditions. In its basic version, […]

Level probe LMP 307

BD Sensor’s level probe LMP 307 – the allrounder now also in a new petrol version

In a welded version, the level probe LMP 307 was the ideal choice for measuring fill levels of solvents and fuels. A new housing version makes it easier to mount and increases […]

Baumer’s inductive sensors offers dimensional measurement accuracy for gripping operations

In the modern production environment, sensors not only give the machine “senses”, they also generate valuable data that can be used to significantly improve processes and usability. The example of “smart gripping” […]

SICK introduces its new safeRS radar system

SICK has added radar to its technology portfolio for safe hazardous area monitoring. Particularly in harsh production environments, where disturbances such as wood, paper, plastic or metal trimmings can challenge many existing […]

Fluke Process Instruments displayed its latest infrared measurement technology at the SPS trade show

Fluke Process Instruments presented its infrared measurement technology for automatic, noncontact temperature monitoring in industrial processes at the SPS trade show in Nuremberg, Germany, at booth 7a-350. The sensors and thermal imagers […]

IST AG releases new RTD sensors offering enhanced thermal coupling

Inverted and bent leads are the optimal solution for applications in tubes where sensors are soldered to the bottom of the tube. They are additionally used in applications with limited space where […]

Baumer’s new O200 photoelectric miniature sensors offer advance background suppression capabilities

With its O200 photoelectric miniature sensors, Baumer offers a new dimension in terms of reliability, speed and range for confined machine installation spaces. Thanks to their increased functional reserves, the O200 diffuse […]

BD|SENSORS upgrades its digital displays and data loggers including new functions and designs

In the “CIT range” under its “Evaluation” field of products, BD|SENSORS is offering a family of digital displays and data loggers for digitization and visualization of analog measurements in everyday industrial life. […]

DIAS Infrared added the new PYROSPOT series 55 into its range of pyrometers

DIAS Infrared extends its range of pyrometers with the new PYROSPOT series 55. The new digital compact pyrometers in stainless steel housing (IP65, diameter 50 mm) are specially designed for industrial use. […]

Sensirion’s new bluSensor® AIQ air quality device features its latest environmental sensors

Sensirion, the expert in environmental sensing, announces that bluSensor® is using Sensirion’s environmental sensors in its innovative air quality device, bluSensor® AIQ. bluSensor® AIQ is the world’s first intelligent air quality measuring […]

Pewatron develops new FCX-OHS and FCX-OHSLIGHT transmitter designed for high-temperature measurements

Measurement of the humidity at temperatures > 100°C is important in a large number of industrial applications ranging from drying process chambers to large baking ovens. The high process temperature is critical […]