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AMSYS presents its new robust and compact NANO pressure switch

The NANO pressure switch is ideal for filtered, dry or lubricated compressed air and neutral gases. In a robust metal housing with optional IO-Link, it operates various absolute pressure ranges between -1 […]

Micro-Epsilon presents its new optoNCDT 1220 laser sensors for collision-free positioning of AGVs and AMRs

optoNCDT 1220 laser sensors are used to position automated guided vehicles and autonomous mobile robots without collisions. The sensors measure the distance to a code tape, which enables precise positioning of the […]

ABB to manufacture new optical sensors for GHGSat satellites to be launched in 2024

ABB has secured a third contract with GHGSat, the global leader in high-resolution greenhouse gas monitoring from space, to manufacture optical sensors for their C12, C13, C14 and C15 satellites set to […]

BD|SENSORS introduces its new DMP 333P pressure transmitter

For all high-pressure applications that require a dead space-free or flush-fronted process connection, BD|SENSORS presents the new DMP 333P pressure transmitter, which is mainly intended for measurements in pasty or viscous media, […]

IST AG’s new Moisture-in-Oil sensor offers reliable measurements of water saturation in oils and fuels

Oil is the lifeblood of many industrial plants and machines. It is used for cooling, lubrication, insulation, and power transmission. To operate a gearbox, a transformer or an industrial plant safely and […]

QE utilizes Sensirion SCD40 CO2 sensor for its Wuerfeli compact CO2 monitor

Picture a classroom filled with children, their eyes heavy, faces reflecting fatigue, and motivation at an all-time low. This scenario is an all-too-common occurrence – not just in classrooms, but in every […]

Baumer’s smart level sensor CombiLevel PLP70 receives AutomationsBest Award

Baumer innovations are well-received, both by users and the professional audience of the trade magazine “messtec drives Automation” (Wiley). The smart level sensor CombiLevel PLP70 has finished first place in the voting […]

SICK Maritime Suite helps CPO Containerschiffreederei leverage digitalization to optimize its operation

Sensor solutions provider SICK and CPO Containerschiffreederei announce their cooperation. Since 2020, both companies have been working on digital solutions for the maritime industry, which has now also been technically evaluated by […]

Sensopart’s VISOR® Robotic vision sensor offers ideal solution for image-guided robotics applications

Industrial automation is no longer imaginable today without robots. Sensopart’s VISOR® Robotic vision sensor acts as the robot’s “eye” and is used worldwide in image-guided robotics applications. Everything in view, everything under […]

Creaform updates its Customer Care Plan offer with several flexbible options

Creaform, a business unit of AMETEK, Inc. and the worldwide leader in automated and portable 3D measurement solutions, announced some major changes to its Customer Care Plan offer. Always striving to provide […]

Senstech AG presented its new force sensor bracket and mini signal amplifier at SENSOR+TEST in Nuremberg

Senstech AG launched two new proprietary products at this year’s SENSOR+TEST in Nuremberg: the compact KB-011-1600 force sensor bracket and the SA-011-1500 mini signal amplifier. The new force sensor bracket is rectangular […]

Metallux offers extensive range of sensors, resistors and industrial joysticks for variety of applications

Metallux sensors, resistors and industrial joysticks can be found in numerous applications worldwide. The Swabian company has been developing and manufacturing in Leutenbach near Stuttgart for more than three decades. Metallux AG […]

Epson launches its new M-G370PDG inertial measurement unit

Seiko Epson Corporation has expanded its inertial measurement unit (IMU) lineup with the development of the M-G370PDG (“M-G370G”), an IMU equipped with a high-performance, six degrees of freedom sensor. The M-G370G entered […]