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Metallux offers extensive range of sensors, resistors and industrial joysticks for variety of applications

Metallux sensors, resistors and industrial joysticks can be found in numerous applications worldwide. The Swabian company has been developing and manufacturing in Leutenbach near Stuttgart for more than three decades. Metallux AG […]

AMSYS presents its new 1620 disposable relative pressure sensor

This 1620 disposable relative pressure sensor is calibrated for the clinically relevant pressure range of -50 to 300 mmHg. A biocompatible gel protects the pressure cell inside from direct contact with the […]

Angst+Pfister introduces its new MVH4000D-Series relative humidity sensor

The new MVH4000D-Series relative humidity and temperature sensors provide a very high accuracy of 1.5%RH and 0.2°C, while having a very fast response time. The sensors have excellent long term stability and […]

SICK presents its new multiScan100 3D LiDAR sensor

SICK launches the compact and precise multiScan100 3D LiDAR sensor. This is one way the company is supporting the development of autonomous industrial vehicles both in- and outdoors and increasing its focus […]

Teledyne FLIR expands its Thermal by FLIR products with new mobile phones and smart building sensor

Teledyne FLIR, part of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, welcomed new editions to its lineup of Thermal by FLIR products that were shown at Mobile World Congress (MWC). The two new affordable, rugged mobile […]

ifm develops new IO-Link cylinder sensor for high-resolution continuous monitoring

Versatile cylinder monitoring This IO-Link sensor with two configurable hardware outputs will upgrade user’s machine in no time. The outputs can be configured to the application requirements. A high-resolution process value with […]

Micro-Epsilon introduces its new dimensionCONTROL Metal Profile Gauge

The dimensionCONTROL Metal Profile Gauge offers new possibilities for process control and quality assurance in metal production. The system performs precise geometrical inspection of long products in harsh industrial environments. The respective […]

Heimann Sensor expands its HTPA 32x32d family with the new L1.7 model

Intrusion Detection, the automated sensing of a person or animal into a surveilled area, is one of the main applications of low-resolution thermopile arrays like Heimann Sensor’s 32×32 array. It is used […]

SmartRunner 3D solutions from Pepperl+Fuchs feature stereo vision or time-of-flight technology

Industrial vision is a key technology in rationalizing industrial plants and machines. And wherever 2-D sensors and systems reach their limits, suitable 3-D sensors and systems are required. Here, the user’s focus […]

Qmicro showcased the new DynamiQ-S micro gas chromatograph at Pittcon 2023

Qmicro by Sensirion presented the DynamiQ-S micro gas chromatograph at Pittcon 2023 in Philadelphia, PA, USA. The DynamiQ-S provides fast and accurate gas analysis for monitoring or industrial lab analysis purposes. The […]

Heimann Sensor develops thermopile arrays for AAL tools with data protection in mind

An increasing number of people in need for care are dependent on one of the Ambient Assisted Living (short AAL) tools available on the market. The reason is their wish for independency […]

Photoneo expands its portfolio with exciting new products and solutions

Photoneo is thrilled to share that it is expanding its entire portfolio with completely new products, solutions, and exciting new features. The expansion of Photoneo’s portfolio revolves around 5 core principles: Connectivity […]

Heimann Sensor displays preview of its new 160×120 thermopile array

Heimann Sensor stays true to its motto “We love INfraNOVATIONS”. After successfully completing the development of the HTPA120x84d, Heimann Sensor’s engineers started right away with developing the worldwide first 160×120 thermopile array. […]