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DIS Sensors relaunches its QR40 family of rotary encoders with new redesign

The DIS Sensors QR40 family of rotary encoders with shaft was phased out some time ago due to component supply issues. However, thanks to continued demand from the market for this model, […]

Epson introduces its new M-A342VD10 and the M-A542VR10 vibration sensors

Seiko Epson Corporation has developed two new vibration sensors, the M-A342VD10 and the M-A542VR10, the latter of which has a dust- and water-protected RS422 interface. Both products are compliant with the evaluation […]

Sensirion’s SHT4xI-Digital humidity sensor optimized for measurements under challenging conditions

Sensirion, the expert in environmental sensing, is unveiling its 5 V SHT4xI-Digital humidity sensor, which is designed for conducting measurements under harsh conditions in industrial applications. Sensirion is expanding its series of […]

SIL2 / PLd Safety inclinometers from DIS Sensors receives safety certificaton CAT.3

DIS Sensors announces that its SIL2 / PLd Safety inclinometer products family of sensors is now certified to a higher safety architecture level: Category 3. DIS sensors developed this successful family of […]

WayCon SX50 series draw-wire sensors contribute to the safety of GEOscope’s landfill site

In Germany alone, waste management employs about 35,000 people with an annual turnover of 40.6 billion euros (as of 2021). The volume of waste generated in 2019 was about 417 million tonnes […]

WayCon releases its new LV-G inductive sensors equipped with rod end bearings

The tried-and-tested LVDT series LV by WayCon is being expanded with the LV-G, which is equipped with rod end bearings. Thanks to the rod end bearings, the inductive sensors can be directly […]

Baumer’s new bearingless encoder EB200E offers easy and cost-efficient integration

Electrical and mechanical integration of encoders has become much easier and more economically viable. The new bearingless encoder EB200E from Baumer is proving this right. It can be compactly integrated on any […]

Sony’s new IMX636 and IMX637 stacked event-based vision sensors are now available by FRAMOS

Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation has launched two types of stacked event-based vision sensors. These sensors designed for industrial equipment are capable of detecting only subject changes, and achieve the industry’s smallest pixel […]

Sensirion introduces its new SGM64xx gas metering module

The SGM64xx is the first gas metering module on the market able to measure any gas mixtures, including pure hydrogen, blends of hydrogen, biomethane and natural gas types H, L, and E. […]

Sensor Technology introduces its new TorqSense SGR530/540 series

Sensor Technology has extended its new range of torque sensors with a model that has the sensing head and electronics in separate housings. This has two advantages: the sensing head can fit […]

ATI’s new ultra-thin Mini43LP F/T sensor features compact form delivering reliable measurements

ATI Industrial Automation reveals the newest offering from their Force/Torque Sensor (F/T) product family. The ultra-thin Mini43LP F/T sensor provides reliable force sensing in a rugged yet compact transducer. At less than […]

ams OSRAM introduces its new TSL2585 ambient light sensor with UV-A radiation detection support

ams OSRAM, a global leader in optical solutions, presents an ambient light sensor with proprietary UV-A light detection. Monitoring vital signs such as pulse or oxygen saturation in the blood via smartphones […]

Heimann Sensor’s new HMS P-Series delivers high accuracy measurements under heat shock situations

Heimann Sensor introduces a new generation of single element thermopile sensors with optimized thermal heat shock behavior. The new HMS P-Series allows fast and accurate measurements even under rapidly changing ambient temperatures […]