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HAWE’s type HLU LE-X offers flexible and compact solution for safety applications

Attractions in adventure parks and events, such as roller coasters, robot simulators, water rides and VR rides have one thing in common: the safety of the passengers must be guaranteed at all […]

STAUFF acquires new production machine to fulfill demand for its straight and manipulated beaded tubes

Due to the rising demand for the processing of straight and manipulated tube with a beaded end connection, STAUFF UK Ltd. has invested into another state-of-the-art production machine that was recently put […]

HAWE Hydraulik expands its range of directional control valves to meet local EX requirements

Certification is mandatory for the use of hydraulic controls in explosion hazardous areas, such as oil and gas production, chemical and steel industries. For this purpose HAWE Hydraulik now offers its directional […]

STAUFF’s newly revised QRC-HH screw-to-connect coupling designed for pressures up to 650 bar

The revised QRC-HH screw-to-connect coupling for pressures up to 650 bar, which STAUFF now presents as a new product, features, among other things, a highly effective, zinc-nickel-based corrosion protection coating. It was […]

Enerpac’s new RARH series of cylinders feature high level of control and positioning capability

Less weight, lower collapsed height, faster retraction Enerpac hydraulic cylinders are used for lifting projects across a wide range of industries – including construction, manufacture, mining and offshore industries. Each project presents […]

HAWE Hydraulik’s Hydraulic Floor-Lock systems offers ideal position stabilizing solution for heavy mobile equipments

Hydraulic Floor-Lock systems are the small inconspicuous cylinders that firmly fix and support very heavy mobile equipment at its place of use. No matter whether the ground is sloping, slippery or uneven, […]

Enerpac’s new 100-ton SCJ-100 Cube Jack features improved safety and speed

100-ton capacity incremental lifting system with automated mechanical locking Improve the safety and speed of the next lift with the Self-Locking Cube Jack. Enerpac’s new 100-ton SCJ-100 model is an addition to […]

HAWE Hydraulik expands its directional spool valve type PSL range with the new CAN Lite model

The product family of HAWE Hydraulik’s proportional directional spool valve type PSL has been extended by the new actuation option CAN Lite (keyword: onboard electronics). The hydraulics specialist thus offers an ideal […]

KNF presents its new compact NMP 850 HP and N 96 pump

These additions further expand the firm’s ability to support the specific needs demanded by a variety of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) applications. KNF’s new micro gas pump NMP 850 HP delivers outstanding […]

Wilo-Rexa MINI3 offers ideal solution for demanding drainage applications

No compromises are made when draining houses and properties – not in efficiency, not in performance and most certainly not in reliability. The new Wilo-Rexa MINI3 proves uncompromising in this demanding drainage […]

Linde Hydraulics further increase its capacities with the new production plant in Weifang, China

In an official ceremony, Linde Hydraulics GmbH & Co. KG opened its newly-built production plant in Weifang, China. The global project team took only two years for completion from concept to opening […]


WITTE puts new test stand for gear pumps into operation

WITTE PUMPS & TECHNOLOGY GmbH has been developing gear pumps for industrial use in a wide range of industries for over 35 years. The company and its employees act with a pioneering […]

Stauff improves its tube production capabilities by investing in in-house tube bending centres

Stauff, the international components manufacturer for hydraulic lines, is investing worldwide in in-house tube bending centres. Stauff UK, based in Sheffield (UK), has been routinely designing complex line systems and preparing tubes […]