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HAWE Hydraulik expands its series of axial piston pumps with the new type C40V

HAWE Hydraulik supplements the series of axial piston pumps in the medium pressure range with the new type C40V as successor model for the type V40M. This particularly lightweight axial piston pump […]

KNF updates its NPK 012 pump series with new versions supporting wider range of applications

Compact, quiet and running with minimal vibration: With the NPK 012, KNF has developed a swing piston pump for use in medical devices, inkjet and 3D printing technology, and vacuum gripping systems. […]

Calpeda’s new e-idos pumps feature energy and cost-efficient solution with simple design

As far as both industry and housing are concerned, pressurisation groups are the ideal solution for increasing system reliability or when greater system power is required to guarantee maximum comfort in terms […]

STAUFF’s new pipeline couplings with nominal size DN 19 support pressures of up to 420 bar

STAUFF has successfully completed the revision of pipeline couplings in the nominal size DN 19. The result: In line with he other nominal sizes DN 10, 12, 16 and 25 offered, the […]

IST AG’s new peristaltic pump series CPP1 specially developed for liquids and gases

Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG’s latest development is the peristaltic pump series CPP1. Designed for liquids and gases, the pumps provide small flow rates in combination with reliable flow rate control and […]

SMC Corporation

Expertise in: understanding your daily needs – SMC

For most industrial plants, typical operating pressure (or main compressed airline) is between 6 and 7 bar. However, by simply lowering the pressure to 5 bar, facilities can reduce their energy consumption […]

HAWE Hydraulik’s new two-stage drive features compact form-factor with high power density

Hydraulic handheld tools, such as crimping pliers, rescue cutters and punching tools should be as small as possible so that they are easy to handle at the place of use. At the […]

New Enerpac ZU5 Post Tensioning Pump optimized for concrete post tensioning applications

Concrete post tensioning allows longer clear spans, thinner slabs, fewer beams and more slender elements. Thinner slabs mean less concrete is required. In addition, it means a lower overall building height for […]

STAUFF releases its new QRC-HI screw-to-connect coupling with highly effective corrosion protection coating

As part of a redesign, STAUFF offers the QRC-HI screw-to-connect coupling for pressures up to 720 bar with a highly effective, zinc-nickel-based corrosion protection coating. Hydraulic manual pumps can provide pressure levels […]

HAWE’s type HLU LE-X offers flexible and compact solution for safety applications

Attractions in adventure parks and events, such as roller coasters, robot simulators, water rides and VR rides have one thing in common: the safety of the passengers must be guaranteed at all […]

STAUFF acquires new production machine to fulfill demand for its straight and manipulated beaded tubes

Due to the rising demand for the processing of straight and manipulated tube with a beaded end connection, STAUFF UK Ltd. has invested into another state-of-the-art production machine that was recently put […]

HAWE Hydraulik expands its range of directional control valves to meet local EX requirements

Certification is mandatory for the use of hydraulic controls in explosion hazardous areas, such as oil and gas production, chemical and steel industries. For this purpose HAWE Hydraulik now offers its directional […]

STAUFF’s newly revised QRC-HH screw-to-connect coupling designed for pressures up to 650 bar

The revised QRC-HH screw-to-connect coupling for pressures up to 650 bar, which STAUFF now presents as a new product, features, among other things, a highly effective, zinc-nickel-based corrosion protection coating. It was […]