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FLIR releases its new VS290-32 videoscope optimized for inspections of underground utility vaults

FLIR Systems, Inc. announced the FLIR VS290-32™, an industry-first videoscope that combines thermal imaging and a visible camera specifically designed for safer and more efficient inspections of hard-to-reach underground utility vaults. The […]

Creaform introduces its new Pipecheck 6.1 pipeline integrity assessment software

Creaform, the worldwide leader in automated and portable 3D measurement solutions and engineering services, announced the release of Pipecheck 6.1 software, a significant upgrade to its pipeline integrity assessment software. Always on […]

Chatillon presents its new ForceTest 2.0 force testing software

Chatillon introduces the new generation of its easy-to-use ForceTest 2.0 force testing software. When combining ForceTest 2.0 with a digital force gauge from the Chatillon DF II Series, the user will achieve […]

SICK introduces its new Quality Inspection SensorApp and InspectorP62x all-in-one vision sensor

SICK offers an easy solution for various quality assurance applications in factory automation with its new Quality Inspection SensorApp and InspectorP62x all-in-one vision sensor. The SensorApp is pre-installed in the entire InspectorP6xx […]

Hartmann Valves develops material suitability and hydrogen leak-tightness tests for H2 applications

In addition to special hydrogen ball valves and wellheads Hartmann Valves now also offers material suitability and hydrogen leak-tightness tests for challenging hydrogen (H2) applications. Reliable shut-off valves, the right material selection […]

Lloyd Instruments develops new single-column universal testing machine with ultra-high speed testing capability

A new single-column universal testing machine from Lloyd Instruments provides ultra-high speed testing along with flexibility, reliability and high accuracy test results for all materials testing applications up to 5 kN supporting […]

Heraeus Noblelight’s new BlueLight Hygienic System enhances the disinfection process in packaging plants

The new BlueLight Hygienic System from Heraeus Noblelight optimizes the disinfection process in the packaging plant at Jorgensen Engineering. The new system contains the particularly powerful UV low pressure technology and thus […]

Euresys presents its new Deep Learning Bundle designed for defects inspection

Neural Networks are computing systems inspired by the biological neural networks that constitute the human brain. Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) are a class of deep, feed-forward artificial neural networks, most commonly applied […]

Creaform’s R-Series automated quality control solutions now available with on-call 24/7 technical support

Creaform, the worldwide leader in portable and automated 3D measurement solutions along with engineering services, announced that it will now be offering 24/7 support for all of its R-Series automated quality control […]

Lloyd Instruments develops new tablet for its LD Series materials testing machines

Lloyd Instruments introduces a new tablet for use with its LD Series materials testing machines with capacities ranging from 5 to 100 kN. The tablet is designed for users who are looking […]

Creaform expands its MetraSCAN 3D lineup with the new MetraSCAN BLACK model

Creaform, a worldwide leader in portable and automated 3D measurement solutions, announced the release of the latest version of the MetraSCAN 3D lineup, the company’s advanced optical CMM scanner designed specifically to […]

Hexagon’s new IRP40.42 probe offers accurate inspections of fragile parts directly on machine tool

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division has launched a new probe, the IRP40.42, which transforms the inspection of very fragile materials and small or thin-walled parts, directly on the machine tool. The new IRP40.42 […]

Euresys’s new Easy3D library designed for developing 3D machine vision inspection applications

The job of conducting industrial inspection tasks, such as taking highly accurate height measurements of an object, measuring protrusion of embossed patterns, is usually given to expensive and time-consuming 3D systems. But […]