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Meusburger’s new E 3050 leaf spring roll stopper is ideal for holding large slide bodies

Slide retainers are needed to hold slides securely in the end position when the mould is open. With the new E 3050 leaf spring roll stopper, Meusburger has created an exclusive and […]

HAIMER Microset tool presetter VIO linear offers significant performance and productivity increase

It is extremely important in the gear skiving setup process to find the absolute center of the skiving tool. With the tool off center when cutting, it will be “pulled” along the […]

Walter introduces its new TC430 Supreme thread former

Walter is expanding its range of thread formers with the addition of the TC430 Supreme. The HSS-E-PM thread formers for blind-hole and through-hole threads with thread depths of up to 3.5 × […]

Covis uses BIG KAISER’s high-precision tooling products to manufacture its hard-to-machine materials

When highly demanding projects must comply with very tight tolerances on unique components manufactured from hard-to-machine materials such as Inconel®, a tool needs more than just industry-leading reliability. A perfect example of […]

BIG KAISER’s MEGA New Baby Chuck proven to product greater throughput and cost efficiency

BIG KAISER, a global leader in premium high-precision tooling systems and solutions for the metalworking industries, announces the results of Kistler’s cutting force performance tests that compared BIG KAISER tool holders with […]

Sandvik Coromant’s new GC4415 and GC4425 inserts features enhanced toughness and heat resistance

Sandvik Coromant is upgrading its range of turning inserts for machining ISO-P steels. The tooling specialist has launched two new carbide grades that are designed for external and internal machining of low-alloyed […]

Meusburger expands its range of workshop equipments with new innovative solutions

In order to meet customers’ needs, the product range at Meusburger is constantly being expanded – like its workshop equipment range in mid-October. New innovations have been added to the product groups […]

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The challenges for the production of gears are great. Plug-in connections and gears, for example in gearboxes, are safety-relevant components and their production requires the highest degree of precision. With the infinitely […]

Meusburger’s new clamping configurator service saves customer’s time and money

According to a study, a mould making company spends an average of 600 hours per year on machine setup (source: Tebis Benchmarkingdatenbank). This time can be significantly reduced by using a zero […]

Walter’s new MD377 Supreme and the MC377 Advance specially deisgned for cutting titanium

With the MD377 Supreme and the MC377 Advance, Walter offers two solid carbide milling cutters especially for titanium. The first is a high-end specialist for the aviation and aerospace industry; the second […]

Sandvik Coromant’s new CoroDrill 860-GM offers optimized solution for wide range of materials

It’s said that life is a marathon, not a sprint. For automotive manufacturers, longer lasting tooling solutions are integral to more profitable production — but, often, manufacturers see little reason to change […]

HAINBUCH added new 2-jaw module its modular system of clamping devices

Maximum flexibility for machining a wide range of parts and small quantities is not just wishful thinking, with the HAINBUCH modular system it becomes reality. HAINBUCH is constantly adding to its modular […]

Supfina hand tools

Supfina: Economic & high-quality hand tools

If high-quality hand tools are to be manufactured in large quantities, the final grinding process often determines not only the quality of the end product, but also the cost-effectiveness of production. Different […]