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Optronis introduces its new Cyclone-65-70 65 megapixel camera

In its Cyclone-65-70 model, Optronis offers a very high-resolution camera with 65 megapixels. The image data are transferred in real time at a rate of 71 frames per second via the standardised […]

Allied Vision introduces its new Alvium 1800 U-1240 USB3 Vision camera

Allied Vision adds another USB3 Vision camera with a rolling shutter to the Alvium 1800 series. The Alvium 1800 U-1240 incorporates Sony’s back-illuminated IMX226 CMOS sensor that enables high-quality imaging at 12.2 […]

Vision Component presents its new VC MIPI Embedded Vision Kit for Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 or 3+

With Vision Component’s new VC MIPI Embedded Vision Kit for the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 or 3+, users can quickly setup full-fledged, industrial-grade embedded vision systems. User’s benefit: A cost-effective and […]

FANUC expands its 3D Vision Sensor lineup with the new 3DV/1600 model

With the 3DV/1600, FANUC is introducing a new model to its existing 3D Vision Sensor lineup. An outstanding measurement area of up to 2000 mm vertically and up to 3200x 2800 mm […]

Mikrotron choses Concurrent EDA as its Preferred Technology Partner

Mikrotron strengthened its North American vision camera business by appointing Concurrent EDA a Preferred Technology Partner. This gives Mikrotron customers access to pre-sales and after sales technical support for Mikrotron’s EoSens®portfolio of […]

JAI expands its Apex Series with the new AP-3200T-10GE 3.2-megapixel, 3-CMOS prism color camera

JAI has introduced a new 3.2-megapixel, 3-CMOS prism color camera in its Apex Series that runs at nearly double the fastest frame rate of its previous 3 x 3.2-megapixel models. The new […]

FLIR Systems made available its European thermal imaging regional dataset for machine vision testing

FLIR Systems, Inc. announced the availability of its first European thermal imaging regional dataset and the third in a series of thermal imaging datasets for machine vision testing. Designed to help researchers, […]

Allied Vision updates its Vimba Suite 4.0 with new Python API for rapid prototyping application

With the new Python API, Vimba Suite 4.0 enables rapid prototyping of vision applications Allied Vision has released a new version of its Software Development Kit Vimba. Vimba 4.0 offers a Python […]

Teledyne DALSA’s Linea HS 32k TDI camera won Platinum Innovators Award

Teledyne DALSA, a Teledyne Technologies company and global leader in machine vision technology, announces that its newest charge-domain CMOS TDI camera – the Linea HS 32k TDI camera was awarded the Platinum […]

Allied Vision presents new Alvium Camera Kit designed for NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit

To make the integration of Alvium CSI-2 cameras into any system as easy as possible Allied Vision will be releasing various Alvium Camera Kits consisting of an Alvium CSI-2 camera, a set […]

Edmund Optics opens up new office in India offering more customers direct access to its products

Edmund Optics® (EO), leading provider of optical and imaging components, recently opened a new office in the Bangalore district of Karnataka, India. Along with it comes a full-service website and technical support […]

Allied Vision added four new models to its Alvium 1800 series featuring 2nd Gen Sony CMOS sensor

A total of four new Alvium cameras with a USB3 Vision interface expand Allied Vision’s 1800 series. All models feature a powerful 2nd Gen Sony CMOS sensor with either Pregius Global Shutter […]

SensoPart’s new software update for VISOR® vision sensors features enhanced intelligence and versatility

A comprehensive software update is making VISOR® vision sensors from SensoPart even smarter and more versatile: As of now, multiple detection results can be compared, processed and analysed directly in the sensor. […]