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The new Rollon Light Rail: Individual pullouts for manual applications

Even in the modern age of automation, manual work processes cannot be dispensed with. With the new Light Rail, Rollon offers the right solution. The robust telescopic rails feature high bending stiffness […]

Electric drives from maxon utilized in the rover Perseverance used in Nasa’s Mars mission

The NASA rover Perseverance is landing on Mars on February 18. Was there life on Mars in the past? This is the question that one of the most complex robotic systems ever […]

Baumüller’s new water-cooled motors offers double the power and improved compactness and reliability

As the specialist in drive and automation systems, Baumüller has been offering water-cooled electric motors for many years. With the new portfolio in the area of water-cooled motors, this cooling option is […]

PI presents its new V-817 high load linear stage series

PI (Physik Instrumente) broadens its portfolio with the new V-817 high load linear stage series. PI thus sets a new standard of price-to-performance in positioning solutions for highly dynamic and precise processing, […]

Baumüller’s torque motors with direct drive technology covers wide range of applications

The drive and automation specialist Baumüller is one of the top manufacturers of torque motors on the market. With a torque range from 325 Nm to 60,000 Nm, the motors in the […]

Haydon Kerk Pittman’s new MiniSlide& MSA series offers design flexibility for single and multi-axis applications

As a world leader in compact linear motion systems, Haydon Kerk Pittman, a business unit of AMETEK® Advanced Motion Solutions division, announced the release of its new MiniSlide™ MSA series. Today more […]

Lenze develops its smart servo axis with supports for high scalability with less complexity for IIoT

An innovative motion control concept that reduces complexity and provides modern, intelligent functions for IIoT creates benefits for OEMs and machine operators. Lenze’s smart servo axis achieves up to 20 percent faster […]

Beckhoff introduces its new high-performance AX8000 multi-axis servo system

The high-performance AX8000 multi-axis servo system from Beckhoff is characterized by extremely high dynamics and very short cycle times. The motor current is scanned in μs cycles and the minimum adjustable EtherCAT […]

Nabtesco develops new cycloidal gears optimized for the applications in food industry

With Nabtesco cycloidal gears for the food industry | Pick & place applications in the food industry require high-performance gears that fulfil stringent requirements with respect to precision, dynamics, robustness and hygiene. […]

Wikov installed its Orbi-fleX® planetary gearbox in a cement plant in Alicante

Wikov recently delivered a planetary gearbox for the central drive of a ball mill at a cement plant in Alicante, Spain. The project was a drop-in replacement for an original gearbox. The […]

Nabtesco’s new cycloidal gears offers greater efficiency in battery production

Nabtesco boosts efficiency in battery production. The company’s cycloidal gears feature high precision, dynamics and rigidity, which enables shorter cycle times, improved product quality and larger quantities. The success of electromobility depends […]

The newly released Driven issue dedicated to the Perseverance mission

The fascination with Mars is stronger than ever, again and again, researchers are drawn to it. At this very moment, yet another robot mission is on its way to uncover the secrets […]

Baumüller’s new V2+ software package offers enhanced intelligence for process monitoring and optimization

The servo pump solution from the Nuremberg-based drive and automation specialist Baumüller is an intelligent and energy-efficient drive system e.g. for presses and injection mold machines. With the new V2+ software package, […]