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SIGMATEK’s updates its LASAL SAFETYDesigner with new function blocks for workspace monitoring

As the synergy between humans and robots deepens, ensuring a safe working environment is paramount. In the LASAL SAFETYDesigner from SIGMATEK two new function blocks, in combination with its MDD 2000 servo […]

Kontron updates its susietec® Connect IoT bundle with new versatile functions

With the susietec® toolset, Kontron, a leading global provider of IoT/Embedded Computing Technology (ECT), offers a combination of software, hardware and expertise, that enables companies to implement holistic digital transformation solutions. The […]

Hexagon’s new Nexus Connected Worker offers real-time data analysis in one central location

Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division released Nexus Connected Worker, a suite of manufacturing software solutions that connects workers to real-time data for actionable insights and reporting on operations, maintenance, quality, and audits. Powered […]

Rockwell Automation’s MagneMover LITE Operator Runtime Tool offers real-time data for more detailed analysis

Product teams can now gain new insights into their MagneMover® LITE™ Intelligent Conveyor System performance using the MagneMover LITE Operator Runtime Tool. The software provides real-time data that allows operators to track […]

Rittal’s new “RiTherm” design tool offers improved capabilities for climate control planning

For a long time now, customers have been able to use the “Therm” software application to plan the climate control for their switchgear. Around 80,000 users worldwide benefit from the app. However, […]

Advantech partners with Phoenix Technologies to develop SQErase software tool

Advantech, a leading provider of industrial Flash storage solutions, and Phoenix Technologies, a leading BIOS firmware expert, are collaborating on the introduction of a UEFI-based (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) SSD security software […]

Unitechnik develops new free warehouse planning tool to compare automatic and manual warehouse variant

Getting the maximum efficiency out of every warehouse – this is the approach Unitechnik takes with its customer solutions. But first it is necessary to find out whether an automatic or manual […]

Rockwell Automation enables customers identify security gaps with its cybersecurity services

Penetration testing is the process of launching a real-world cyberattack simulation to assess and improve vulnerabilities and weaknesses in operational technology (OT) system security. Rockwell Automation cybersecurity specialists are well trained in […]

Walter GPS app now enables users to directly order Walter Xpress drilling tools

With Walter GPS, users can generate application-specific tool solutions. A new function now also allows them to order Walter Xpress drilling tools directly. All functions that the app already offers for standard […]

Fagor Automation’s HMIelite offers modern and user-centered interface for CNC machines

Fagor Automation keeps betting on the newest technology to offer the best automation solutions in the market. This year, the firm has presented the next evolution for CNC machines: HMIelite,a new revitalized […]

Meusburger further simplifies 3D CAD design by introducing standardised colour codes

Meusburger offers standardised colour codes to simplify 3D CAD design for mould and die making customers. Each colour represents a clearly defined tolerance, and work can be done directly from the 3D […]

Advantech’s new USC-360 Versatile AIO POS system is optimized for retail and hospitality industry

Advantech, a leading provider of intelligent computing solutions, announces its USC-360—a cost-effective and versatile all-in-one (AIO) point-of-sale (POS) system aimed at retail and hospitality applications. Featuring a sleek modern appearance, P-CAP touch […]

Rockwell Automation expands its visualization portfolio with the new FactoryTalk Optix

Rockwell Automation introduces FactoryTalk Optix as a new addition to their visualization portfolio. Known as “visualization for visionaries,” FactoryTalk Optix is a modern, cloud-enabled human-machine interface (HMI) platform that allows users to […]