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SICK presents its new space-saving SLG-2 automation light grid

SICK is currently introducing the new SLG-2 automation light grid. The second generation of the “Slim Light Grid” shines with its flexibility and functionality. Space-saving dimensions, low profile construction, detection heights adjustable […]

ABB’s newly upgraded Color Control featuring improved quality and color matching capability

ABB has launched its latest generation of Color Control with new features that improve overall quality and enable faster color matching, making it easier for operators of all levels to match specifications […]

Micro-Epsilon introduces its new scanCONTROL 30xx laser scanners

The new scanCONTROL 30xx laser scanners from Micro-Epsilon now offer large measuring ranges up to 200 mm. The high performance scanners are used for 2D/3D profile measurements in industrial production processes. Precision […]

Turck introduces its new B1NF and B2NF single and two-axis inclinometers

Turck’s inclinometers with IO-Link combine MEMS and gyroscope signals for moving applications In its new generation of inclinometers, Turck has combined accelerometer technology (MEMS) with gyroscope technology so that shocks and vibration […]

Baumer expands its MAGRES EAM series with the new EAM300 absolute multi-turn encoder

It is often difficult to integrate the rotary encoder in applications with moving parts and limited installation space. However, precise position measurement in the smallest possible design is essential especially in medical […]

Sensor Technology’s client adopts the new TorqSense SGR530/540 for its bottle capping operation

The new TorqSense SGR530/540, being introduced throughout 2020 and 2021, measures torque using a full four element strain gauge bridge. With this, four separate strain gauges are fixed to the drive shaft […]

Enerpac Safe T™ Torque Checker ensures reading accuracy within +/- 1%

Simple and accurate measurement of torque output – wherever and whenever it is needed. A correctly calibrated torque system will deliver the right output to fasten bolts accurately first time. But with […]

Pilz presents its new PSENvip 2 camera-based protection system

A new module for bending angle measurement is now available for the camera-based protection system PSENvip 2 from Pilz, which forwards usable image data to the press controller. So the operator sees […]

Pewatron’s new 85 series differential pressure transmitters combine measurement reliability and compact design

When it comes to pressure transmitters, many different products are available on the market. But there are fewer differential pressure transmitters, and barely any compact differential pressure transmitters. The new 85 series […]

Micro-Epsilon releases new white light interferometers offering highly precise measuring capabilities

Optimized for industrial purposes and offering an accuracy that creates an unprecedented level of precision in optical distance and thickness measurements – these are the new white light interferometers from Micro-Epsilon. The […]

ABB’s Flow-X gas and liquid flow computer receives C1D2 / Zone 2 Certification

The Flow-X flow computer module has obtained C1D2 / Zone 2 Certification for highly accurate measurement in mid- and downstream oil and gas, even in the harshest of conditions. Accurate measurement is […]

BD|SENSORS’s new pressure transmitter DMP 339P offers ideal solution for dosage and bonding systems

Doing what many others can do is easy, but it’s only promising and beneficial to a limited extent. Doing what only a few others can do, on the other hand, demonstrates competence […]

ABB’s CEMcaptain GAA610-M emissions monitoring system helps maritime industry comply with emission regulations

The launch of ABB’s CEMcaptain will help shipping comply with the sulphur emission regulations that were enforced in 2020, and keep in check their CO2 footprint. In January 2020, the low sulphur […]