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BD|SENSORS’s new pressure transmitter DMK 387 offers reliable pressure measurements in small vessels

Robust, precise and with versatile uses: The new pressure transmitter DMK 387 makes it possible to measure pressures and fill levels reliably even in small vessels and a range of different media. […]

B + B’s contactless temperature measurement features very fast response time

In addition to invasive and non-invasive temperature sensors, B + B also offers contactless temperature measurement. With the help of its infrared products, it is possible to record temperatures at distances. This […]

DIAS introduces its new PYROSPOT DGE 56N pyrometer

DIAS Infrared extends its proven fixed PYROSPOT pyrometer series 56. The new digital compact pyrometer PYROSPOT DGE 56N works at short wavelengths from 2.0 µm to 2.6 µm. It allows non-contact temperature […]

Fine Manometer G 1107 and Manometer G 1113

Professional performance at best price: Fine Manometer G 1107 and Manometer G 1113

The new handheld fine manometer G 1107 and manometer G 1113 from the GHM GROUP member Greisinger offer great performance at best price: faster, more precise, with high resolution and position independency, […]

Creaform introduces its new Go!SCAN 3D white light scanner

Creaform, the worldwide leader in portable and automated 3D measurement solutions, announced that the Go!SCAN 3D has been added to the company’s lineup of non-destructive testing (NDT) technologies for the oil and […]

Hexagon releases new TubeInspect range offering full compatibility with Industry 4.0

Hexagon launched the new TubeInspect, an update of the well-known turnkey tube and wire inspection solution. The new TubeInspect range is available in four system configurations, including HRC versions boasting higher-definition camera […]

Creaform expands its MetraSCAN 3D lineup with the new MetraSCAN BLACK model

Creaform, a worldwide leader in portable and automated 3D measurement solutions, announced the release of the latest version of the MetraSCAN 3D lineup, the company’s advanced optical CMM scanner designed specifically to […]

b+b infrared products

B+B sensors: response time in milliseconds and contactless measurement technology

In addition to invasive and non-invasive temperature sensors B+B also offers contactless temperature measurement. With the help of our infrared products it is possible to measure temperatures at distances. This technology is […]

Hexagon introduces its new RS-SQUARED Area Scanner designed for the Absolute Arm

Structured light scanning technology comes to portable measuring arms for the first time ever with the new RS-SQUARED Area Scanner. Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division launched the RS-SQUARED Area Scanner for the Absolute […]

Fluke® Process Instruments’s new Datapaq DP5622 data logger optimized for ovens with a restricted width

Fluke® Process Instruments launches a new narrow 12 channel data logger for temperature profiling in short and medium-duration processes in the electronics and paint & powder-coating industries. The Datapaq® DP5622 is optimized […]

Sensirion’s SPS30 particulate matter sensor awarded MCERTS certification

Sensirion announces that the SPS30 particulate matter (PM) sensor has achieved MCERTS certification, which proves the sensor performance. In addition, the certification confirms that the SPS30 can be easily integrated into applications […]

Keller discusses the usage of piezoresistive technology in pressure measurement system

Piezoresistive technology is often mentioned in the same breath as pressure measurement. But what exactly is the piezoresistive effect? And why is this technology used in pressure measurement? Along with temperature, pressure […]

Sensirion presents its new SDP821 and SDP831 differential pressure sensors

Sensirion, the market leader in air flow measurements, has two new product variants within its SDP800 series of differential pressure sensors. The product versions SDP821 and SDP831 are suitable for applications with […]