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KNF’s N 922 diaphragm pumps now available with stainless steel pump heads

In many industries, environmental engineering and research, high-performance, durable and reliable diaphragm vacuum pumps are widely sought whether for evacuating, transferring or compressing functions. The N 922 pump series from KNF fits […]

Almatec® Introduces New ADX Series Stainless-Steel AODD Pumps

Almatec® part of PSG®, a Dover company and premier manufacturer of specialty pumps, is pleased to announce the launch of its new ADX Series Stainless-Steel Air-Operated Double-Diaphragm (AODD) Pumps for industrial applications. […]

KNF expands its N 630 pump series with six new versions

Even more secure with a double diaphragm: The versatile N 630 pump series upholds its excellent reputation. A total of six new versions offer a major expansion to the diaphragm gas pump’s […]

Calpeda’s new Meta pump features energy-efficient and eco-friendly design

A variable speed, multi-stage, self-priming pump with incorporated electronics. This is a very brief description of Mèta, the new pump from the e-idos line that Calpeda has recently launched on the market. […]

Wilo-Rexa MINI3 submersible motor pump won the iF Design Award

Uncompromisingly good! The Wilo-Rexa MINI3 has now been awarded the renowned iF Design Award. In its statement, the jury praised not only the good and functional design of technology specialist Wilo’s submersible […]

KSB’s new AmaDrainer 3 type series features compact and robust design

In early May 2021 the KSB Group launches the youngest generation of its time-tested submersible grey water pumps on the market: the AmaDrainer 3 type series. The new development of these pumps, […]

KNF expands its smooth flow series with the new FP 70 low pulsation pump

With the FP 70, KNF has added another low pulsation pump to the smooth flow series. The new pump combines the low pulsation from gear and centrifugal pumps and the strengths known […]

Baumüller offers 3 stages of servo pumps optimized for flexibility, compactness and service costs

In servo hydraulic systems, controllable servo motors replace the uncontrolled standard motors. The advantages of the systems are their high efficiency, compactness and lower noise emissions. The connection of the motor with […]

Pumpenfabrik Wangen GmbH

WANGEN PUMPEN: Productivity, quality and precision – investments will continue in 2021.

Pumpenfabrik Wangen GmbH, one of the market leaders in the production of eccentric screw and screw pumps, is investing more than 1.5 million euros this year in new machines for the production […]

HAWE Hydraulik expands its series of axial piston pumps with the new type C40V

HAWE Hydraulik supplements the series of axial piston pumps in the medium pressure range with the new type C40V as successor model for the type V40M. This particularly lightweight axial piston pump […]

Calpeda’s new e-idos pumps feature energy and cost-efficient solution with simple design

As far as both industry and housing are concerned, pressurisation groups are the ideal solution for increasing system reliability or when greater system power is required to guarantee maximum comfort in terms […]

IST AG’s new peristaltic pump series CPP1 specially developed for liquids and gases

Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG’s latest development is the peristaltic pump series CPP1. Designed for liquids and gases, the pumps provide small flow rates in combination with reliable flow rate control and […]

New Enerpac ZU5 Post Tensioning Pump optimized for concrete post tensioning applications

Concrete post tensioning allows longer clear spans, thinner slabs, fewer beams and more slender elements. Thinner slabs mean less concrete is required. In addition, it means a lower overall building height for […]