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Enerpac EBC20 Cordless Bar Cutter offers portable, self-contained and safe solution

Portable, convenient and safe solution where external power is not available or where spark risk is a concern Continuous innovation has led to the design and introduction of the Enerpac EBC20 Cordless […]

Cellro: New branch promotes growth on the German market

In mid-December, Cellro will open a branch in Brackenheim, Germany. From this location, the robot cell manufacturer will serve the metalworking industry in Germany. The new location is intended to further strengthen […]

Walter expands its Tiger·tec® Gold applications with the new PVD grade WSP45G

With Tiger·tec® Gold, Walter established a milling grade (initially CVD) on the market that many users consider to be the benchmark due to its long tool life. Walter is now expanding the […]

Knarr Group

Knarr: The right partner provides the tailwind

FU-KS Formenbau in Lemgo stands out with its broad customer portfolio – ranging from OEMs from the automotive and household electrical sectors to start-ups or dedicated inventors. This flexibility is achieved with […]

Meusburger’s FH hot runner mould saves both time and costs through standardisation

In today’s world, standardisation plays a major role for successfully operating a company in most industries. This also applies for the hot runner sector where substantial time and savings potentials are possible […]

WFL Millturn Technologies GmbH & Co. KG

WFL TECtalk: Highlights von iControl

The first episode of “TECtalks” was published just a few weeks ago and we already have the second episode ready for you!Published on 28 July 2021, we will be talking to ChristophSchinerl, […]


HAINBUCH: A new addition to the modular system family: the 2-jaw module

Maximum flexibility for machining a wide range of parts and small quantities is not just wishful thinking, with the HAINBUCH modular system it becomes reality. HAINBUCH is constantly adding to its modular […]

Walter’s new Xtra·tec® XT M5130 shoulder milling cutters features improved stability and process reliability

With the Xtra·tec® XT M5130 shoulder milling cutters, Walter has developed a new generation of milling cutters to buck the trend. Instead of further reducing the clearance angle for the benefit of […]

HAIMER Microset tool presetter VIO linear offers significant performance and productivity increase

It is extremely important in the gear skiving setup process to find the absolute center of the skiving tool. With the tool off center when cutting, it will be “pulled” along the […]

Walter introduces its new TC430 Supreme thread former

Walter is expanding its range of thread formers with the addition of the TC430 Supreme. The HSS-E-PM thread formers for blind-hole and through-hole threads with thread depths of up to 3.5 × […]

Covis uses BIG KAISER’s high-precision tooling products to manufacture its hard-to-machine materials

When highly demanding projects must comply with very tight tolerances on unique components manufactured from hard-to-machine materials such as Inconel®, a tool needs more than just industry-leading reliability. A perfect example of […]

Meusburger offers high-quality P-Standard plates with flexible dimensions and various designs

At Meusburger, customers will not only find a very large selection of high-quality P-Standard plates, but also P-Special plates in variable dimensions and various versions. All plates are of course heat-treated for […]

Walter introduces its new MD838 Supreme and MD839 Supreme circle segment milling cutters

Walter is launching two solid carbide milling cutters especially for finishing operations in the form of the new MD838 Supreme and MD839 Supreme circle segment milling cutters. As is already the case […]