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New Adept courier delivers a ROI never before seen in automated manual handling

Adept Technology Introduces New Autonomous Transporter at MODEX 2012

Adept Technology, Inc., a leading provider of intelligent robots and autonomous mobile solutions, announced their launch of the new Adept Courier, a groundbreaking approach to automating the movement of goods.

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The Adept Courier is a small autonomous vehicle that simplifies the everyday task of moving goods, materials, samples, or the handling of  parts around an office or production environment. Using self-navigation software, the Adept Courier finds its own way to destinations, drives around obstacles in its path, and can be deployed in a matter of hours. These features help deliver impressive returns on invested capital while requiring no modifications to an existing facility. The Courier can be requested from a wireless call box located at operator stations and dispatched using pre-programmed destination buttons located on the vehicle. The Adept Courier robustly packages the latest technology from over fifteen years of robotics research and software deployment to satisfy non-linear material handling requirements by simply driving itself between various locations within any type of facility.

“Adept is excited to introduce its newest product line to manufacturing, distribution, logistics, and supply chain professionals attending MODEX,” says Rush LaSelle, vice president and general manager of mobile robots. “We are anticipating an enthusiastic response to this product, which solves an array of material handling challenges in a manner permitting deployment and operation by non-technical personnel.”

The Adept Courier enables more efficient use of human capital and near infinite flexibility in the movement of goods which are key tenants in “Lean methodology”. Lean has been embraced across a broad range of industries as a way to preserve value with less work. Eliminating waste along the value stream means creating processes that require less human effort, less space, less capital, and less time to distribute products and services with less costs and fewer defects. The Adept Courier addresses three primary contributors of waste associated with the automated manual handling of materials (transport, motion, and waiting) by automatically moving goods safely and reliably within any operating environment.