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Automha and Logistex develop and deliver an automated multi-depth storage system for Britvic

Photo by Automha S.p.A.

Britvic is a successful and ambitious British company with popular brands loved by children, adults and families throughout the UK and internationally.

Through franchising, export and licensing, Britvic has also been growing its reach into other territories, particularly the United States and Brazil.


Britvic is the largest supplier of branded still soft drinks and the number two supplier of branded carbonated soft drinks in GB, and it is an industry leader in Ireland and France.

The popularity of many of its brands has grown considerably in recent years, with a consequent increase in demand. To cope with the rapid growth, Britvic decided to invest in the expansion of the existing structure of its plant in Leeds and implement an automated storage system that would guarantee speed and efficiency in anticipation of the increase in orders.


Britvic entrusted its project to Automha and, in particular to its official distributor in UK: Logistex Limited, a UK leading company in Warehouse Management Solutions. Logistex has been designing and delivering warehouse solutions for 80 years and prides itself on being able to offer unbiased and objective guidance to clients.

The partnership with Automha, started in 2017, focused on utilizing the Autosatmover and Supercap System. The partnership between Automha and Logistex means that customers can be confident in having chosen two well-known companies for their reliability, certainty and professionalism.

Automha, with Logistex, has designed and installed an automated multi-depth storage system, in order to meet the needs of intra-logistics efficiency arising with the increase in production lines. Logistex and Automha worked alongside Britvic in order to build a system that led to the conversion of the pre-existing manual warehouse into a fully automated warehouse. The warehouse has been equipped with 14 Autosatmover, the fully-automated modular system for the automated multi-depth storage of pallets designed by AUTOMHA.

AUTOSATMOVER is composed of:

• MOVER: The mother shuttle, which runs on rails perpendicular to the storage lanes, powe-
red by a power bus bar on every storage level.
• SUPERCAP: the on-board satellite controlled from the mother shuttle via Wi-Fi and used
on operations in the various storage channels for the automatic picking/storage of pallets

Autosatmover lent itself to Britvic’s needs because of the fact that it offers a fully automated solution with maximum storage density, all while working within the confines of the existing building architecture.

In addition, an Autosatmover equipped warehouse offers superior redundancy by providing a solution that allows the shutting down of a single level at a time for maintenance, while still operating all other levels in the system. This is a very valuable feature for a company with a high rotation rate such as Britvic.

Finally, Britvic has also found advantages in the management of Human Resources, as automation has reduced considerably manual movement of stock and maintain a safe operation, reducing the risk of accidents at work.

The system is controlled by Logistex’s own warehouse control software, LWS Reflex, which manages the pallet inventory into and out of the automated storage system offering a powerful combination suitable for all those looking for a performance improvement supply chain.


The new system optimises use of space, increase throughput, reduce truck movements and consequently improve health and safety.
Business Development Director di Logistex, Derek Kay, ha dichiarato: “Britvic have demonstrated their forward thinking and commitment to Health and Safety by adopting the automated pallet shuttle solution by Automha”.

Automha, which is always looking for excellence, both in organisation and quality of its products, solution and services, found in Logistex the right partner, that reflects the same mission and philosophy.

For more information, please visit https://www.automha.it.