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Baumüller introduces its new decentralized b maXX 2500 drive

Baumüller b maXX 2500 drive

With the b maXX 2500, Baumüller is offering a decentralised drive design for numerous industries
Photo by Baumüller Nürnberg GmbH

With its new decentralised b maXX 2500 drive design, Baumüller combines series b maXX 3000 converters with the sturdy servomotors of the DSD, DSP and DSC series. This allows the manufacturer of drive and automation solutions located in Nuremberg, Germany, to offer a flexible, cost-effective and above all compact solution for the packaging industry, textile industry and logistics, as well as an auxiliary drive for numerous other branches of industry.

Better with good cooling

A special feature of the b maXX 2500 is its innovative cooling system. The surface of the device consists of many small pyramids. With this idea the developers managed to enlarge the surface of the device and thus improve the cooling effect. The inclined surface of the pyramid-shaped chambers enables the integration of the drive in various positions. The motor shaft may be oriented vertically, facing up or down, and horizontally. The cooling stack effect is the same in all positions and the performance remains unchanged.

The b maXX 2500 will be available with an output of up to approx. 6.5 kW, the power supply to the equipment will be 760 V. The b maXX 2500 is protection category IP65 classified and available with different cable technologies: with a distributor box or plug. This allows the mechanical engineer to select the connection most suitable for his application. In the new drive design, Baumüller is combining all the advantages of the b maXX converter with those of the Baumüller servomotors which then benefit from real-time Ethernet communication as well as integrated safety engineering.

For more information, please visit http://www.baumueller.com