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BEUMER’s new stretch hood enables easy film packaging without the need for cutting tools

To reduce the damage caused during transport and to satisfy the increased logistic requirements, many companies from the chemical sector opt for stretch hooding.
Photo by BEUMER Group GmbH & Co. KG

BEUMER Group’s efficient stretch film packaging system BEUMER stretch hood A can be used in various different industries. The systems supplier can now provide the system with a newly developed easy opening hood: this worldwide innovation allows employees in retail stores and logistics centres to quickly and easily remove the film when unpacking or repacking the goods, without the use of any cutting tools.

There had not been a packaging system for pallets on the market that did not require the operator to open the film with a cutting tool. This conventional opening method poses the risk of hurting users, or damaging the product. This can be expensive for companies and, of course, increases the risk of accidents. The Easy Opening hood makes it easier for employees in logistics centres, while saving a lot of time. To achieve this BEUMER, together with a well-known film supplier, developed a technology that allows users to open the film along a precise tear line in the centre, without affecting the safety function of the stretch hood. The user can open the film quickly and easily, with no tools required. This considerably increases unpacking productivity. After collaborating closely with its film supplier for decades, BEUMER, the machine and systems supplier, had generated this idea for film preparation.

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