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Bluhm: Some of the highlights at this year’s Powtech

Photo by Bluhm Systeme GmbH 

Linx 8900 inkjet printer: 24 colours, 18-month service intervals, 3 lines

The Linx 8900 inkjet printer prints up to three lines on products and packaging – in 24 colours. This attracts attention, especially from the recipient. Along the production line, with maintenance intervals of around 18 months, the Linx 8900 is virtually invisible – except when it indicates the next maintenance date in good time. With its narrow footprint and wall-mounting option, it also fits into tight production environments.

Inkjet printer Markoprint integra PP RAZR: Saves labels

Printing up to 34 mm high on almost any object is easy thanks to the latest printing technology of the Markoprint integra PP RAZR. The permanent print head impresses with its high print image resolution, speed and integrated redundancy. The integra PP RAZR has two separate nozzle channels that can be controlled independently of each other. Thanks to its compact design, the integra PP RAZR fits into any production facility.

Legi-Air AP 182 pallet labeller: reducing idle times

The Legi-Air AP 182 can be triggered individually by each pallet and activates a corresponding movement profile. Seven travel paths are programmable. This is made possible by an applicator that is moved via linear axes by means of a stepper motor drive. The AP 182 achieves top speeds of 120 pallets per hour for two-sided labelling and 90 pallets per hour for three-sided labelling. For three-sided labelling, the AP 182 requires only two pallet stops.

Inkjet printer integra PP 108: Two-colour with ink

The two-colour inkjet printer Markoprint integra PP 108 Bicolor labels with a print height of up to 108mm and is robust against vibrations. A unique feature is the bicolour version, which uses two ink colours at the same time, e.g. for GHS labelling in black and red with only one device. Other colours available are green and blue.

Label dispenser Alpha HSM: Dispenser without space problems

This label dispenser is a space-saving dispensing system that can be used flexibly and finds its place even in cramped production environments. Numerous module options enable customised configuration.

The Lightworx fibre laser workstation: laser marking

Laser marking is easy even for laser beginners with the Lightworx. Especially companies from the metal and plastics industries can mark type plates, housings or tools in no time at all – permanently, razor-sharp and forgery-proof. With external dimensions of 600x700x1685 millimetres, the stand-alone solution is about the size of a fridge-freezer combination and can therefore be easily set up even in production environments where space is at a premium. The Lightworx has castors for quick relocation.

Handheld printer X1Jet HP Handhold: 100 per cent mobile

The hand-held printer X1JET HP Handhold is handy, location-independent and reliable even in dusty production conditions. It is the size of a toolbox and can therefore literally print transport containers of all kinds or sacks of grain, cement and powder directly on site in just a few steps. When changing products, the changeover to other print texts is done simply at the push of a button. The operator simply creates the print data on the PC using the iDesign layout software supplied and transfers it to the handheld via USB stick or WLAN.

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