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Calpeda expands its GXR range with the new GXR12 series

Photo by Calpeda Pumpen Vertrieb GmbH

Superior production, high levels of design and performance: these are the main characteristics that make GXR, the innovative line of drainage pumps, another Calpeda flagship.

The GXR range increased recently with the new GXR12 series, which respects the production philosophy of the previous models and has a wider range of functions.

The GXR12 pumps guarantee increased flow rate (max. Q 30 m3/h), head (max. H 19.2 m) and motor power between 0.45 and 1.5 kW.

Ideal for domestic use, for emptying flooded areas or tanks, for drawing from rainwater collection wells and for irrigation, the series is made completely of stainless steel and, as the production details show, it was designed to guarantee maximum quality, easy installation and practical maintenance.

The vertical delivery port, aimed upwards for installation in small wells, does not need a curve at the pump. The float, which can be magnetic if requested, makes it easy to adjust the start and stop levels.

The motor is cooled by the pumped water. The condenser, which is incorporated in single phase pumps, can be inspected easily.

The suction strainer with a double row of hoes is an extra safety against possible clogging, and allows the passage of solids up to 12 mm grain size.

The stainless steel impeller is open, while the shaft, also of stainless steel, has a double mechanical seal with interposed oil chamber for keeping the motor safely separate from the water and to protect from accidental dry operation.

Finally, an ecological note: the oil used is for food-pharmaceutical use, which means it respects and helps protect the environment.

For more information, please visit http://www.calpeda.com.