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Continuous Monitoring and Maintenance from Kardex Remstar

Photo by Kardex Remstar

Kardex Remstar, the intralogistics specialist, is launching a new cloud-based Remote Support platform, which focuses on continuously monitoring the status of a customer’s installed systems and remotely maintaining them when necessary. This new digital solution for condition monitoring and maintenance of automated storage systems will enable customers to use their machines at maximum efficiency.

In times of rising competitive pressures and the demand for optimal productivity, it is necessary for companies to guarantee the permanent operational readiness of automated storage and retrieval systems in the warehouse.

The new service includes two features:

Remote Assistance continuously monitors Kardex Remstar automated storage and retrieval systems. There are two lines of communication in this setup. The operator can request technical support from Kardex Remstar directly from the storage unit, pass on all the relevant information to the support team and get assistance from them to solve the problem. In addition, if the system is down, the unit automatically reports the problem, guaranteeing quick reaction times and efficient assistance. Simple user errors can be fixed or corrected remotely, such as breaking the light barrier or if the shutter doors aren’t in position. If the system requires a part for repair, the remote service technician knows what part is needed in advance of the site visit. Eliminating long wait times for spare parts, maintenance requests, and overall system downtime.

Remote Analytics offers users all unit data on an online service portal. This enables them to access the data of their networked systems anywhere via a web browser and use the live overview to verify the status of the units at any time. Data on the status of the machines, system performance such as a number of cycles and any potential error history is visible. By tracking the number of cycles, for example, this helps determine when system maintenance should be performed based on usage instead of factory standards/averages.

For more information, please visit www.kardex-remstar.com