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Eisenmann demonstrate its innovations for surface treatments at its Technology Center in Holzgerlingen

Photo by EISENMANN Anlagenbau GmbH & Co.KG

Paint Shop 4.0 – digital, smart, efficient: This was the main theme throughout the Eisenmann Technology days 2017 in Holzgerlingen. Around 1,000 visitors, mainly car manufacturers and suppliers from around the world, gathered at the systems manufacturer’s Technology Center over these three days to learn more about innovative solutions for surface treatments.

In discussions with experts at numerous booths and exhibits and on guided tours, guests were given an insight into Eisenmann’s vision of the paint shop of the future: the optimal link-up of flexible hardware with intelligent software, complemented with innovative digital services. One of the product-independent solutions presented here was the E-PASS for automated software creation and virtual commissioning. It enables intensive testing of all the system software in advance, freeing up time and minimizing risks. Data-based services for smooth and fast customer service were also in the spotlight. E-MES, the production control system from Eisenmann software company Enisco, represents a high level of transparency in production processes and the analysis of large amounts of data.

Solutions for efficient painting, cleaning, caulking, sealing and adhering were to be found in the Smart Application Solutions area of the Center. The Smart Paint Shop Solutions island sparked great interest with technologies that offer maximum flexibility and efficiency with minimal total cost of ownership. VarioLoc, the skidless paint shop transport system for car chassis, and Smart Oven, an energy-saving dryer concept, are revolutionizing the domain of paint shops. Combined with the VarioInspect light tunnel for surface inspection, the intelligent E-MES production control system and digital service solutions, it is now possible to create a tailor- made, highly efficient, flexible Smart Paint Shop in line with Industry 4.0.

A new concept for chassis storage with the working title VarioStore drew a lot of attention from the visitors. The Eisenmann conveyor technology experts presented this clever solution with driverless transport devices. This means car manufacturers can dispense with buffering in heavy, expensive high-bay warehouses and make flexible use of free space instead, such as on hall roofs. The system can be built and expanded cost- effectively.

Wheel manufacturers got their money’s worth on Wheel Day. The optimization of energy concepts, lightweight construction solutions, the benefits of heat stream simulation, OEM quality requirements and the optimized E-MES wheel package were the focus of presentations and discussions. Experts presented technologies such as wheel grippers and laser stripping, and had spirited conversations about future issues.

For more information, please visit http://www.eisenmann.com.