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Eisenmann exhibited its new twin-shuttle electrified floor-mounted conveyor at this year’s LogiMAT

Ideal for furniture and spare parts: the twin-shuttle floor-mounted conveyor from Eisenmann.
Photo by EISENMANN Anlagenbau GmbH & Co.KG

At LogiMAT in Stuttgart, Eisenmann showcased its new twin-shuttle electrified floor-mounted conveyor. This enables higher throughput and greater flexibility on the basis of reliable, proven technology.

Eisenmann’s electrified rail systems are ideal for intralogistics environments where high pallet throughput has to be reconciled with severe space constraints. The compact system, with integrated load handling device (LHD), enables rapid transfer and minimal spacing between shuttles. The twin shuttle option means even greater flexibility in terms of varying load types, and this was highlighted at the booth C67 in hall 1.

“The twin-shuttle version, using the tried-and-trusted dual-rail system, can be deployed, for example, for flexible transfers between goods receiving, high-bay storage and shipping, or to supply items to picking stations. Each trolley with two LHD can be employed to carry one or two standard-size Euro pallets, or half-size pallets, or a single large carrier with or without overhanging loads,” explains Simon Schmelzle from Eisenmann Conveyor Systems. “The twin shuttle is our response to the need, for example, on the part of furniture retailers and spare parts suppliers, to flexibly move goods of diverse sizes. The user organization not only benefits from being able to accommodate very wide carriers but can also simultaneously or individually load or unload two standard-size pallets.”

It is therefore possible to accelerate cycle times, and to achieve throughputs of as much as 800 pallets per hour in high-bay warehouse staging areas. The maximum load for each shuttle is 3,000 kg, with speeds of up to 3 m/s and acceleration of 1.0 m/s2. The maintenance-friendly, high-availability solutions can be scaled up with speed and simplicity by adding further trolleys. The cost of the rail infrastructure is relatively low.

Visitors to Eisenmann’s booth gained insights into the plant engineer’s broad portfolio and its expertise in intralogistics, with a focus on electrified conveyors, plus its in-depth experience as a provider of one-stop solutions.

For more information, please visit http://www.eisenmann.com.