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Enerpac’s new Mechanical Lock-Grip Pullers features enhanced reach and pulling capacity

Photo by ENERPAC B.V.

A simple, safe and cost-effective way to remove shaft-mounted parts

With Lock-Grip Pullers, objects are firmly controlled during the extraction process with the unique locking mechanism that lock the jaws in place. Compared to other puller designs, the synchronized movement of the jaws decreases setup time and the number of people required for set up.

Three new large mechanical Lock-Grip Pullers

The three new Mechanical Lock-Grip Pullers provide increased reach, wider spread, and higher pulling capacity. Mechanical Lock-Grip Pullers are an ideal solution for pulling small- to medium-sized wheels, sprockets, bearings and other similar shaft-mounted parts. The puller’s self-centering closing system allows all jaws to move simultaneously, making it easy for a single operator to mount the puller and to perform the application.

New Internal Puller

The internal puller includes two sets of jaws for internal and external pulling applications and removes bearings or other shaft-mounted parts where no spindle support is available. The slide hammer allows for application of safe, high-impact force.

Key features of the Lock-Grip Puller line:

  • Convenient adjustment handle simplifies the position of jaws on application and increases speed of operation
  • Locking mechanism helps prevent jaws from slipping off application while pulling
  • Greater spreading width on jaws enables use on thicker objects
  • Spindle protector helps prevent damage to spindle when pulling against a flat surface

A complete line of pullers

Enerpac offers a complete portfolio of Lock-Grip Pullers with the widest range of sizes, capacities and styles:

  • Mechanical Lock-Grip Pullers (LGM-Series)
  • Hydraulic Lock-Grip Pullers (LGH-Series)
  • Hydraulic Lock-Grip Puller Sets (LGHS & LGHMS-Series)

For more information, please visit http://www.enerpac.com.