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EPG ONE Warehouse Management System brings huge logistics gains for Dubai retail giant Union Coop

Photo by Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions Limited

A major Dubai-based retail group says it has made huge gains in its warehouse logistics operations since deploying EPG’s state-of-the-art LFS Warehouse Management System. Warehouse inventory accuracy is 100% today, compared to 85% before the implementation of LFS in August 2020, according to Union Coop, one of the largest cooperative groups in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Pick-up times improved by 95 percent

“LFS has also reduced errors by 90%, improved pick-up times by 95% and improved space allocation by 95%,” enthused Union Coop WMS project manager Kashif Rasheed. The retail giant operates malls, hypermarkets, supermarkets and stores in the Emirate. Employing over 3,000 staff, it offers consumers over 69,000 varieties of food and non-food commodities sourced from over 30 countries. Union Coop Factory opened in July 2020, as one of the largest and most technologically advanced warehouses for food and non-food commodities in the MENA region.

Superb Testimonials

Union Coop’s WMS task force selected Ehrhardt Partner Group’s (EPG) ground-breaking LFS program ahead of a wide range of global providers because it came with an outstanding reputation, courtesy of numerous testimonials from existing UAE users. Significantly, those customers operate in similar sectors to Union Coop.

“We noted that the renowned UAE-based retail companies figuring in the EPG customer references had similar verticals and operations to ours, and were using a leading ERP system also used by ourselves,” explained Mr. Rasheed. “It made sense for us to do the same, especially as there is very tight integration between ERP and WMS.”

Union Coop went live with LFS at the Coop Factory warehouse in summer 2020, joining over 1500 other global LFS users. The sophisticated LFS solution today manages all warehouse operations over 8 levels and 22 gates at the 20m-high facility, which incorporates over 20,000 pallet positions as well as shelf racking systems.

Inventory Insight

In addition to the productivity benefits, LFS provides ease of use for multinational staff and unsurpassed inventory data. Kashif Rasheed notes: “Before LFS there was no automated bin location indication. The receiver alone would know where an item was sitting. However, today, we only have to provide LFS with an item number to know where the item is sitting, its best-before date, height, weight, SKUs – we get the entire inventory status instantly and so we are very happy with EPG’s WMS.”

Ehrhardt Partner Group service and support is exceptional, he adds. “The EPG team of experts based out of Dubai Logistics City was extremely competent, very flexible and very supportive in assisting us in the quick and successful implementation of LFS at the Coop Factory warehouse facility. This is why we are happily continuing our journey with EPG and LFS.”

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