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The new FlexSort SC3 Crossbelt Sorter by Dematic, a warehouse sorting solution with high rate and accuracy

FlexSort SC3 Crossbelt Sorter

Photo by Dematic GmbH

Dematic, a supplier of logistics systems for the factory, warehouse and distribution center, has introduced FlexSort SC3 Crossbelt Sorter, a high rate, high accuracy sorting solution for distribution and warehousing operations. FlexSort SC3 provides precise positive sorting of poly bags, pieces, stuffed envelopes, cartons and totes using discrete belt conveyors mounted on carriers in a re-circulating loop configuration.

Typical items sorted include apparel, general merchandise, books, CDs, DVDs, electronics, toys, and industrial supplies. Items to be sorted are tracked and controlled through the induction, transport and off-load process with precision. The items are sent to different destinations according to the business rules established for each application.

According to Mike Khodl, Vice President of Solution Development for Dematic, “The FlexSort SC3 Crossbelt Sorter System is the enabling technology that allows high throughput capacity, precise controlled handling and operational flexibility, along with sustained order accuracy shift after shift. The sorter cells can be activated anywhere along the sorter loop. Therefore, it is possible to add and/or move chutes, induction stations or change the sorter speed without additional hardware installation and commissioning.”

The distribution center applications that are ideal for the FlexSort SC3 Crossbelt include:

Batch Pick & Sort: To maximize productivity, items for multiple orders are grouped and picked in a batch, typically hundreds of orders in a batch. The crossbelt sorter is used to sort the batched picked items into individual orders.

Interlink: Various processes in an operation are connected via use of the crossbelt sorter. This may include linking high density storage with pick/pack stations and shipping or linking put-away stations with high density storage.

Crossdock: For flow through operations that receive and ship only, the crossbelt sorter serves as the platform to distribute and sort loads to the appropriate shipping doors.

Shipping: The crossbelt sorter provides the sort function for the shipping sub-system. Typical sorting logic is associated with a geographical destination for the item or by shipping carrier. The items are sent to their destinations according to a correlation between bar codes on the load and a divert location in the system.

The design of the Dematic Crossbelt Sorter is based on a common modular platform that is built around standard commercially available “off the shelf” components. This modular platform provides the foundation around which standardized mechanical, electrical and controls components can be configured. This engineering strategy allows for multiple configurations, enabling users to select the motion drive and power/data options that are appropriate for their application.

The sorter drive system can be configured with linear induction drive motors (LIM) or with linear synchronous motors (LSM). The linear synchronous motors operate using 50% less energy than the linear induction drive motors. Also, cooling fans are not required.

For power and data transmission, the Dematic Crossbelt Sorter can be configured with either a bus bar with brush contact technology, or with non-contact technology. The contact technology uses a power rail and a collector brush on every master carrier. The non-contact solution includes IWLAN RCoax cable communication for data and a high frequency energized cable for power transmission. The non-contact technology operates with non-wearing parts and therefore less maintenance.

For more information, please visit http://www.dematic.com.