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Forbo presents robust conveyor belt for even sub-zero temperatures

Photo by Siegling GmbH

Forbo Movement Systems presents two new PVC types in the especially hard-wearing TranstexTM conveyor belt line.

Most conveyor belts reach their limits in very low temperatures of down to minus 40°C. However, this is no problem for the two new TranstexTM belts with PVC coatings, the PF120 LT AR OFR CXF-NA blue FDA and the PF200 LT AR OFR CXF-NA blue FDA. PolarflexTM material, used in the tension member, is one of the reasons for their outstanding performance. PolarflexTM ensures superior abrasion resistance and reliable conveying even at very low temperatures. Both conveyor belts have smooth undersides that haven’t been brushed. This is a huge advantage because dirt doesn’t stick to them, making the belts much easier to clean. What’s more, the belts are FDA-compliant. Compared with standard PVC, the PVC coatings used in these cases stand apart for their excellent resistance to oil and grease. The conveyor belt manufacturer’s robust belt types are particularly ideal for vegetable harvesting, conveying unpackaged foodstuffs and food containing oil and grease.

For more information, please visit: https://www.forbo.com