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Habasit launches a more sustainable POM belt alternative

Photo by Habasit

Consumers have grown accustomed to eco-friendly alternatives in product design and usability. However, Habasit challenges this notion by introducing a more sustainable option, the Bio POM belts, to their POM-based HabasitLINK modular belt range. These belts boast a 35% lower carbon footprint while retaining all the mechanical and technical features of traditional POM belts. With nearly 80 years of experience in power transmission and conveying solutions, HabasitLINK plastic modular belts offer over 150 styles, exceptional durability, and resistance to extreme temperatures (-70 to +240 degrees Celsius).

Introducing Bio POM – A Sustainable Evolution from Polyacetal

Polyacetal, or POM, is a versatile material in plastic modular belts, known for its hardness, strength, and fatigue resistance, making it suitable for demanding industrial conditions. In response to the growing demand for sustainability, Habasit now introduces the Bio POM belt, derived from bio methanol obtained from organic waste. Sourced from an ISCC+-certified supplier, this raw material adheres to EU sustainability directives, with over 90% renewable content and no impact on food or feed supplies.

Sustainable Solutions: Bio POM Belt for Green Manufacturing

The shift to Bio POM brings clear environmental benefits, aligning with the goals of environmentally conscious manufacturing companies aiming to reduce carbon emissions. Habasit recognizes the importance of offering a familiar solution to customers, ensuring a smooth transition without compromising performance, durability, or reliability. The Bio POM belt facilitates a greener operation without sacrificing quality.

Markus Vetter, Senior Project Manager Materials at Habasit, emphasizes the changing consumer landscape, where environmentally friendly measures must be measurable and communicated transparently. The Bio POM belt aligns with these expectations, providing manufacturers with a solution that meets consumer demands while contributing to their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts.

Green Performance: Bio POM Belt’s Carbon Footprint Reduction

The Bio POM belt achieves significant carbon footprint savings (up to 35%) without any loss in performance, complying with European and FDA food regulations. This initiative is part of Habasit’s commitment to designing sustainable solutions, joining previous efforts like the SuperHyCLEAN range and Eff-line belts, which save water and reduce energy consumption, respectively.

In introducing the Bio POM belts, Habasit continues to support its customers in their ESG initiatives, contributing to a more sustainable future in the field of belting solutions.

For more information, please visit: https://www.habasit.com