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Halstrup-walcher offers flexible modular system designed for wide range of applications

halstrup-walcher offers suitable drives for all machines
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The growth of individualisation in the packaging industry is leading to ever smaller batch sizes. Moreover, customer wishes and specifications are creating challenges that require flexible machine solutions. Positioning systems automate format changes in machines with minimal changeover times and high repeatability. This dramatically reduces production downtime. With more than 20 years of experience in integrated drives, halstrup-walcher is a specialist in positioning systems for format changeover in machines.

Two flexible product families with EC or stepper motors

To provide optimum support for machine builders, halstrup-walcher has developed a flexible modular system with a wide range of variants. This allows each application to be equipped with the correct drive. In its intelligent drives, the motor, motor control unit, bus communication and an absolute measuring system without battery are already integrated. These are complemented by a variety of monitoring, control and feedback functions. The PSx 3-series, which has been established on the market for many years, is based on durable and robust EC motors. The electric drives can also be provided with an NRTL certificate, which means they are certified compliant with UL, CSA and ANSI testing standards in the United States and Canada. The PSD product range uses stepper motors, which can also be used without gears and achieve higher speeds.

The hollow shaft allows the drives from both these product ranges to be mounted on the spindle without a coupling. This makes it extremely simple to upgrade machines by automating systems that previously relied on handwheels for format changeover. A range of modules are available to allow the customer to select the appropriate IP protection class for their application. With torques of 1.. 25 Nm, the compact drives can even adjust larger masses, supported by gearboxes integrated into the drive and the appropriate spindle pitch. The positioning systems have interfaces with all common buses, including IO-Link, to ensure easy integration into machine control systems. The manufacturer offers various description files and function modules for this purpose. halstrup-walcher’s extensive product portfolio offers machine builders the tools they need to meet the challenges of flexible machine design – both today and in the future.

For more information, please visit http://www.halstrup-walcher.de.