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High speed conveyor platform X65 by Flexlink

Sustainability, Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and innovative products have been the focus in the development of FlexLink’s new generation X65 high speed conveyor. The result is significantly higher value to users compared to present solutions in production and packaging lines.


Conveyor system X65
Photo by Flexlink

Sophisticated conveyor systems are major elements in production logistics solutions, enhancing the total efficiency in production, testing and packaging lines. The requirements on the equipment are increasing over time, typically on additional processing, flexibility for new products, higher capacity and lower operating costs. With the launch of the new X65 conveyor, FlexLink takes the performance of conveyors to new and higher levels offering lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership), a drastically lower noise level and an innovative design for the future.

The development of the new X65 conveyor platform was done with input from leading end users and OEMs to meet the requirements of tomorrow, while offering added value to the needs of today.

The new X65 platform offers twice the strength compared to the standards of today. Göran Abbestam, Product Manager at FlexLink explains, “The doubled conveyor strength has a dramatic effect on the service life and maintenance intervals of systems installed. In addition, the layouts can be made simpler as fewer drives and transfers are required for a given layout due to the increased maximum conveyor length. To the user, this has a substantial, positive impact with less complexity and a lower cost of installation.”

Reducing TCO
The X65 conveyor is designed for low friction, low power consumption and a long service life. In addition, FlexLink is introducing new high efficient drive technology to further reduce power consumption. Dependent on the application and choice of drive unit, power consumption is 8-44% less compared to previous high efficiency drive units by FlexLink.

The strong design allows maintenance intervals to be more than double compared to the standards of today.

Higher capacity

 Photo by Flexlink

High speed conveyor system X65
Photo by Flexlink

X65 is capable of the double speed compared to previous conveyor generations – 120 m/min – a capacity that meets tomorrow’s higher requirements on line speed and reduced cost per produced unit.

Lower noise level
The factory environment is a concern for manufacturers and FlexLink has applied considerable effort to noise reduction and improvement of operator safety. In most common applications, the noise level of X65 is on a typical office level, and compared to the industry standards, it is up to 80% less.

Efficient single piece flow
For automated single piece flow applications, the X65 pallet conveyor system offers high quality production at low cost. The X65 pallet system stands out with a unique design and standardized functions for the handling of products up to 3 kg. The pallets and functions are prepared for the integration of process control systems, such as track & trace and MES functionalities.

“Throughout the development work, our main focus has been on reducing the total cost of ownership for the conveyor equipment, from the engineering and ramp-up to the end of the investment. The drastically cut power consumption and office-like noise level brings measureable value from day one. Our aim was to give our customers trouble-free operation with the X65 conveyor, and I am confident we have combined it with a high value added as well,” concludes Göran Abbestam.

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