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HÖRMANN Intralogistics and Caja Robotics help Versandmanufaktur optimize its fulfillment operations

Photo by Hörmann Logistik GmbH

Caja Robotics, a leading provider of advanced robotic automation solutions, together with German integrator HÖRMANN Intralogistics, will facilitate operations at Versandmanufaktur GmbH’s fulfillment center in Bochum, Germany. Versandmanufaktur handles the inbound, storage, outbound, and shipping needs of their clients and was recently acquired by British third-party logistics company GLS Group.

The 9,000 sqm fulfillment center specializes in the distribution of vitamins, supplements, proteins, vegan products, housewares, fashion, cosmetics and animal food. The plant is equipped with eCommerce and Retail picking stations to support 16-hour day operations and facilitate both same-day and 24-hour shipping.

Demand for eCommerce and retail services has surged, requiring logistics providers to optimize their processes and accommodate increasing expectations. Caja’s advanced automation solution with 14.000 storage slots, 64 robots and 8 packing stations will enable Versandmanufaktur to streamline fulfillment operations and meet the needs of their clients and end consumers.

As Frank Hammermeister, Managing Director of Versandmanufaktur explained, “Our manual warehouse reached a breaking point and we needed to act fast. Now we have found the perfect, adaptable solution with Caja´s clever AGVs. We are excited to scale up for our customers!”

Caja’s integration partner, Hörmann Intralogistics, will help implement the integration. In a second phase, the system will be expanded for vertical operations (up to 5.2m) employing Skyler™, Caja’s robot for vertical warehouse optimization. Long term, the plant will handle up to 30.000 picks per working day (16 h) or 1.875 Picks per hour.

Ziv Zaretsky, VP Sales from Caja Robotics added, “We are thrilled about the opportunity to optimize fulfillment center operations for Versandmanufaktur. This collaboration will enable faster and more efficient order fulfillment, while ensuring unparalleled service and promoting future growth”.

Operations at Versandmanufaktur’s fulfillment center have begun in November 2023.

For more information, please visit https://www.hoermann-intralogistics.com/.