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Jungheinrich presents new Kombi stacker

Jungheinrich presents its new Order Picker / 3-way Stacker Range 4 with electric motor to the trade public for the first time at the LogiMAT 2012. The series start of this truck for applications in narrow aisles will be in May 2012.

Jungheinrich launches a new narrow aisle truck on the market in May 2012. This is an order picker / 3-was stacker type EKX 410 with electric motor – in short: a Kombi truck. The truck, used exclusively in narrow aisles, can be used for stacking and retrieving pallets or box pallets as well as for picking individual articles. “We expect to expand our market position in the one tonne class and to have better access to markets for lift heights up to ten metres with the introduction of this new range“, says Sebastian Riedmaier, Head of Warehousing and Systems trucks Product Management at Jungheinrich.

Technology upgrade: Warehouse Navigation now also available for EKX 410



With the market launch of the EKX 410, it is now possible for the operator of the “little” Kombi to use Jungheinrich Warehouse Navigation to its full extent on this truck. “The focal point during the redevelopment of this truck generation was put on a technology upgrade for transponder technology and warehouse navigation in narrow aisles“, says Riedmaier. The same as his “big brother”, the EKX 513-515 since 2008, the truck can now communicate with customer-specific warehouse administration systems. Here, the information of the warehouse administration system goes into the control of the narrow aisle truck via the Logistics Interface.

The truck receives stacking, retrieval or order picking orders from the warehouse administration system and the operator only confirms these. The drive approaches the aisle where the goods are stored. The semi-automatic approach of the storage position in the aisle by the truck starts subsequently. “The required racking position is approached by the shortest route, at optimum speed and lowest use of energy after being released by the operator”, explains Sebastian Riedmaier. “Experience over the past years has shown that throughput efficiency can increase by up to 25 percent when warehouse navigation is utilised“. LogiMAT 2012 visitors can “experience“ the EKX 410 with warehouse navigation themselves on a special test run.

New Kombi from Jungheinrich: Open to future requirements

The modular platform concept from Jungheinrich with many configuration possibilities has proved its worth for years. It endows the Kombi truck with very good adaptability to current and future requirements. An intelligent truck management with TÜV certified control and CAN-Bus system provides a number of safety characteristics und keeps the truck open to future requirements.

The EKX 410 is a high rack stacker with up to 1,000 kilogram capacity. The truck now achieves lift heights of over nine metres and stands for high throughput efficiency in a narrow aisle warehouse due to 3-phase AC technology. “Dependent on the application, the truck can be equipped with different performance packages and thus achieves top values in the 48 Volt class“.

Ergonomics and comfort: Man stands at the centre

Ergonomics and comfort are always one unit for Jungheinrich when developing fork lift trucks and warehouse technology. Man and consequently stacker driver are also standing at the centre of the Kombi stacker EKX 410 consideration. The operator climbs into the spacious cab via a generously dimensioned low entry step. Due to the very deep swivelling reach guidance and the panorama mast, he has excellent visibility towards travel route and load. The feel good factor of the driver is ensured by a sprung, adjustable and foldable comfort seat that can be fitted with a heater and lumbar support, if required.

A switchless two-handed operating concept ensures even more comfort and safety for the stacker driver. At the centre of the workplace is the electrically adjustable operating console. As central control and information unit, it provides many innovative performance characteristics. There is the coloured display and a membrane keyboard with numeric key pad. The operator can call up individually adjusted travel programs via an access code. Switchless sensors register the operator’s touch and pass this information to the onboard computer. Travel and hydraulic control itself is operated with the well-tried movement of the thumb.
As the pioneer of 3-phase AC technology, Jungheinrich has consistently developed this technology further during past years. This know-how is reflected in the drive and control technology that is also applied in the new Kombi stacker. Thanks to this 48 Volt 3-phase AC technology of the third generation, the truck stands for excellent throughput efficiency and dynamic movement processes with lower energy consumption. High torques ensure effective acceleration, fast lift and dynamic ancillary movements.

Regenerative braking as well as lowering the load during operation causes the Kombi stacker to reclaim “double” energy. This ensures considerably longer application times with only one battery charge. The Jungheinrich Kombi stacker achieves application times of up to two shifts in normal operations. Added to this is active energy and battery management. This optimises energy flows for the respective application with foresight, so that energy requirement peaks are avoided. Apart from a longer service life, lower maintenance costs also endorse the use of 3-phase AC technology.

Jungheinrich ranks among the world’s leading companies in the material handling equipment, warehousing and material flow engineering sectors. The company is an intralogistics service and solution provider with manufacturing operations, which offers its customers a comprehensive range of forklift trucks, shelving systems, services and advice. Jungheinrich shares are traded on all German stock exchanges.

For further information please go to: www.jungheinrich.com