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Kivnon shares important tips on working with its mobile robots

Photo by Kivnon Logística S.L.

Here are four important things to know before one starts working with Kivnon.

Kivnon has over a decade of experience

Since 2009, Kivnon has been a part of the growing mobile robotics industry. It works across several industries and export to 17 countries worldwide. With 13 years of experience under its belt, it should be known before working with Kivnon that it expertly guide its clients through the seamless implementation of projects that maximize their process efficiency through innovative robotic applications.

Whether embarking on a small, medium, or large-scale project, Kivnon always focus on offering clients the most customized approach to their automation operations.

During the pre-sale phase, Kivnon diligently provide support through bespoke proposals and applications tailored precisely to the client’s specific needs.

Moreover, by leveraging its in-depth technical expertise, Kivnon ensure its clients receive the most suitable solutions to best address their logistics challenges.

Kivnon offers clients high-quality products and services

Its track record of success speaks volumes about the quality of its products and services. Moreover, it offers a wide range of mobile robotic solutions that are fully customizable and seamlessly capable of integration at nearly every level.

From automating material handling and inventory management to streamlining transportation tasks, Kivnon’s mobile robots are purposefully designed to adapt and efficiently work alongside existing warehouse systems.

Additionally, they are scalable and flexible, making them highly adaptable to changing operational requirements.

Notably, these robots can be easily programmed and redeployed, allowing for a prompt response to fluctuating demands and process modifications.

Specifically, Kivnon offers on-site training, granting direct access to its internal team to address any questions or challenges that may arise during and after the implementation process.

Kivnon priorizes safety

Its approach goes beyond addressing standard safety requirements and as the interaction between humans and robots increases, it’s crucial to contribute to fostering trust and harmonious work partners.

Kivnon’s mobile robots are equipped with advanced sensors and collision avoidance systems, reducing the risk of accidents and workplace injuries. During their earliest stage of design, Kivnon conducts a thorough risk analysis to identify the most appropriate safety measures based on the morphology of the mobile robot.

By considering the robot’s physical characteristics, environmental conditions, and potential hazards, Kivnon ensure its robotic solutions provide clients with enhanced safety features and protocols.

Collaboration made easy

Kivnon’s experience and versatility enable it to create collaborative mobile robots that effortlessly co-exist with other machinery, such as robotic cells and systems.

Kivnon wants its clients to easily adopt mobile robots into their existing infrastructure.

Its mobile robots integrate with warehouse management systems such as fleet managers, enable real-time communication and task allocation as well as facilitate efficient coordination and adaptation to transitioning priorities.

Kivnon provides comprehensive training programs to assist employees adapt to new roles and work alongside AGVs and AMRs without any stress.

For more information, please visit https://www.kivnon.com.