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LINAK releases new bench bracket designed for DESKLIFT® lifting columns

Photo by LINAK A/S

It comes as an optional standard feature. New LINAK bench bracket solution for DESKLIFT® lifting columns makes building sit-stand bench desks much easier. The option covers columns with rectangular or square profiles.

With sit-stand bench desks on the rise, LINAK now offers a standard solution to accommodate these applications: DESKLIFT lifting columns with rectangular and square profiles are a standard optional feature available with a bench bracket. So lifting columns that are optimised for building bench solutions can now be ordered off the shelf.

Various design options

With five lifting columns to choose from, there is a wealth of design options for building modern bench office desks. The bench bracket is available for:

  • Motor housing columns with a rectangular profile DL5 (2-stage), DL6 (3-stage) or a square profile DL19
  • Inline columns with a rectangular profile DL12 or a square profile DL17

Standard bracket for a flexible bench design

The standard bracket ensures easy integration with various bench solutions, meaning that users can mount their own connecting bench bar directly onto the standard bracket. With the sets of pre-drilled mounting holes, users get the full flexibility to create their very own bench design and they can easily combine it with the well-known LINAK lifting columns.

Explore the LINAK product programme

With more than 30 years of experience in electric linear actuator technology, LINAK has set the standard for electric height adjustable desks and has the widest product programme in the office furniture market.

For more information, please visit http://www.linak.com.