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Maxon showcased its new EPOS4 70/15 controller at this year’s Hannover Messe

The brushless EC-i 30 DC motor with integrated electronics.
Photo by Maxon Motor AG

maxon presented the EPOS4 70/15 controller.

The drive specialists at maxon motor have developed the EPOS4 70/15 positioning controller, the most powerful model of the series so far, with a maximum output of 2.1 kW. However, there is exciting news from the field of BLDC motors as well.

With its EPOS4 70/15 positioning controller, maxon motor is launching the most powerful model in this product line so far. The CANopen controller with an EtherCAT option comes in a robust metal housing. It delivers up to 2.1 kW of output power and is suitable for controlling both brushed and brushless BLDC motors.

The EPOS4 70/15 stands out for its comprehensive functional scope and ease of operation. The various digital and analog connections can be configured, and the unit is suitable for use with a wide variety of feedback systems. In addition, the EPOS Studio software enables easy commissioning and integration into a wide variety of master systems.

All the innovations at the Hannover Messe

In addition to the new positioning controller, maxon also presented an innovation in brushless drives at the Hannover Messe. The strong and cost-effective EC-i 30 motor is now available with integrated electronics. This enables dynamic digital speed control for pumps, fans, scanners, and many other applications.

Other innovations, as well as the entire maxon motor product portfolio – from motors, gearheads, and controllers to entire systems – could be found at this year’s Hannover Messe.

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