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Mayr-Melnhof Packaging enhances Santiago logistics using AR shelves

Photo by AR Racking

Mayr-Melnhof Packaging (MM Chile), the Chilean subsidiary of the leading European conglomerate specializing in the production and distribution of paper and cardboard packaging, executed a comprehensive logistics optimization project at its distribution center in Santiago, Chile. The initiative involved implementing double-depth selective systems by AR Racking, an expert in industrial warehouse solutions.

Carolina Kanacri, Administrative and Financial Manager at MM Chile, emphasized the need to consolidate their products in a single warehouse to enhance operational efficiency. “We had several rented warehouses for raw materials, finished products, and logistics companies. We opted for a single warehouse with all products in a consolidated space, which meant a major project to boost operational efficiency. Therefore, it was necessary to set up shelves to optimize space in one location.

Choosing AR Racking as a strategic partner was based on the experience and efficiency demonstrated by the company in previous projects. “We saw their work on-site, which was very efficiently executed. They completely adhered to the agreed Gantt chart. Their manufacturing process is very swift. It is a reputable company with multinational support and concrete references. They responded appropriately and promptly to our inquiries from headquarters,” explained Kanacri.

The added values that led MM Chile to trust AR Racking include efficiency, expertise, adherence to agreements and expectations, and the quality of the end product. “They are efficient, they have the know-how. They stick to the agreed schedule because time was a key factor in this project. Moreover, it is a high-quality and well-thought-out product; they met our expectations,” Kanacri added.

Kanacri highlighted the overall excellence of the experience in executing the project with AR Racking. She also commended AR Racking’s commitment to the quality of the end result and provided insights into the quality of the flooring for the type of shelves used.

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