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Photo by Ammeraal Beltech

A major technical innovation for food-safe conveyor belting has recently been introduced by Ammeraal Beltech, leading global supplier of belting solutions for the food industry. The company has launched the uni UltraClean Two-Part Sprocket®, which builds on the company’s previous two-part sprocket system to deliver exceptional and unmatched performance levels in terms of food safety, efficiency and reduced  downtime.

Its unique features help to prevent food ingress, reduce bio-film build-up, and promote the free flow of water through the sprocket, making belt and sprocket cleaning easier and reducing consumption levels of both cleaning agents and water.

Making cleaning a lot easier

It also features the UltraClean Retainer,  designed  to partner our UltraClean Two-Part Sprocket®.  Only one of these newly-designed retainers, which are made of food-safe material, is required per sprocket and, most importantly, they make cleaning a lot easier.

Proven in technical tests

During in-depth and independent washdown testing of a selection of commonly-available sprocket designs conducted by the Center for Hygienic Design at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), the uni UltraClean Two-part Sprocket® proved itself to be the most hygienic belt sprocket system for food-industry use.

‘Revolutionising  performance’

Says Ammeraal Beltech’s Food Industry Segment Manager Giuseppe Allais: ‘It is amazing how optimising such a small component can revolutionise the performance of an entire conveying line, but it is a fact that our uni UltraClean Two-Part Sprocket® actually does so – bringing unparalleled hygiene benefits to all the players working in the food industry. We will be proudly demonstrating the product at leading exhibitions around the world this year, including IFFA and Seafood Processing, and are confident that the uni UltraClean Two-Part Sprocket® is a game-changer!’

For more information, please visit: https://www.ammeraalbeltech.com