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NORD to showcase its new high-efficiency drive solutions at Hannover Fair 2014

nord high-efficiency drive solutions

Manufacturing the mechanical, electric, and electronic components in-house, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS supplies complete drive systems that are used in large numbers in high-rise warehouses or in intra-logistics in general
Photo by Getriebebau NORD GmbH & Co. KG

At the 2014 Hannover Fair, NORD DRIVESYSTEMS will showcase high-efficiency drive solutions for conveying applications. Compact two-stage helical bevel gear units are combined with energy-saving motors. Based on a comprehensive drive electronics program, NORD can configure drive units for a very wide selection of functional requirements. The frequency inverters for motor-mounting cover performance up to 22 kW. They provide high dynamics and are the only models in their class featuring positioning functionality and optional hoist and safety functions. The inverters that integrate sensor and actuator interfaces will be shown in synchronized operation with other drive models at the tradeshow booth.

The company will also display its expertise in gearbox design and manufacturing. NORD is the only supplier worldwide to produce industrial gear units with output torques up to 242,000 Nm in the proven one-piece UNICASE housing without bolted joints or sealing surfaces that are subject to torque or radial forces. This design ensures supreme radial and axial load capacity and enables compact dimensions even in the powerful industrial gear units. The exhibit, an industrial geared motor with a control cabinet inverter from the SK 500E series was configured for a bucket conveyor and is also well-suited for other heavy-duty conveying applications. As of now, NORD supplies SK 500E inverters in sizes 1 through 10 up to 132 kW.

For more information, please visit http://www.nord.com.