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OHRA’s warehouse systems helps Grosjean Solutions Bois provide quick reaction and delivery times for its customers

Photo by OHRA Regalanlagen GmbH

Grosjean Solutions Bois is one of the largest trading companies for timber and wood products in the Paris metropolitan area. The company has a permanent stock of over 20,000 items – which guarantees quick reaction and delivery times for customers. In order to achieve this Grosjean employs warehouse systems from OHRA, which thanks to their solid-walled, hot-rolled steel construction enable high load bearing capacities, a slim construction, and thus high space utilisation within the warehouse.

On its 15,500 square meter factory site in Wissous, Grosjean Solutions Bois offers its customers a permanent stock of different wood products, panels, laminate, parquet flooring, outdoor decking, and wall cladding. To this end the company has maintained a large storage capacity in both inside and outside areas since 2003. Here panels with a length of up to 5.2 meters, construction timber, for example stands with a length of 13.5 meters, or wood composite board are held ready for customers. A further rack system in the company’s own cutting plant (with two numerically controlled saws, a processing centre, and an edge banding machine) ensures the effective storage of customer-specific finished products.

In order to offer customers the best possible response and delivery times the company relies on rack systems from OHRA. The company with headquarters in Kerpen near Cologne is one of the leading suppliers of warehouse systems for the timber trade. All the load-bearing components of the storage platforms, cantilever and pallet racks employed by Grosjean Solutions Bois are manufactured from solid-walled, hot-rolled steel. This construction also maintains its statical properties even when accidentally rammed by fork-lift trucks, as well as offering high load-bearing capacities and a compact construction. For example, the cantilever racking, last extended in 2016, has a height of 6,850 millimetres and a cantilever arm length of 1,850 millimetres providing a total of eight storage levels. The construction of the racking thus provides the high space utilisation required by Grosjean and is the basis for the company’s high supply capability.

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