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Small-sized, brush-type and strong

With the GR 23, Dunkermotoren launches a powerful brush-type DC motor with an output power of up to 4.3 Watt. In contrast to its predecessor, the GR 22, the continuous output torque was simply doubled, from 0.5 Ncm to 1 Ncm, while it was lengthened only by 15%. Well-proven engineering like that of the sleeve-bearing and the brush system are paired with innovative technologies like an optimised commutator and improved rotor geometry.

brush-type DC motor

Photo by Dunkermotoren GmbH

The compact and versatile basic motor GR 23 can be adapted to various customer applications. For instance, versions with different supply voltages or customised output shafts are possible. In addition, the modular system provides the possibility to attach a wide spectrum of Dunkermotoren made, appropriately matched planetary gearboxes and encoders directly to the motor.

Particularly manufacturers of window automation and sun protection systems are addressed with this motor, mainly in combination with planetary gearboxes and control electronics, optimised for this purpose. But clearly also in the fields of small appliances, industrial automation, equipment of vending machines / automats and in pump applications, this motor finds a wide spectrum of applications.