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Still presents Solutions for the Fishing Industry


STILL at the Norwegian “Aqua Nor” fair Photo by STILL GMBH

STILL showcases forklift trucks and warehouse technology for the requirements of the fishing industry at the Norwegian trade fair Aqua Nor.

Norway is one of the largest fishing nations worldwide, a country of big sea areas rich in fish with a lot of industrial fishing.  Biologists established gigantic fish farms here that export fish into the whole world.  Not surprisingly, it is here that once a year the largest exhibition for fishing technology takes place.  Since 1979, the focus of the Aqua Nor in Trondheim is on innovative technologies for fishing.  The trade fair is popular as one of the most important international venue for the fishing industry.

The focus of the STILL trade fair booth was on forklift trucks and warehouse technology especially equipped for the needs of the fishing industry.  For instance, the electric forklift RX 20, which is on exhibition there, has a special coating to protect it from the harsh weather conditions at sea.  Bolts made of stainless high-grade steel and the use of a specialised hydraulic oil are more examples for measures STILL takes to properly equip industrial trucks for hunting big fish.  “The Aqua Nor is a great platform for STILL.  Many of our customers come together here for a whole week, which is an ideal chance to meet them personally and to expand our business relations,” explains Knut Sigve the importance of the trade fair for STILL to Brown Andersen from  the STILL Norge marketing team.


For more information visit: http://www.still.de