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STILL´s Smart helper iGo neo increase productivity

Detailresult Logistiek BV’s Project Manager Arjan Warmerdam explains: “Although processes in our distribution centres are already very largely optimised, we are on the lookout for further potential improvements, e.g. the use of autonomous industrial trucks.”Photo by STILL GmbH.

Previous intensive tests proved it. STILL’s iGo neo CX 20 can be used to realise potentials for optimisation. Detailresult Logistiek BV, logistics services supplier to the Dutch supermarket chains Dirk van den Broek and DekaMarkt, subsequently ordered a total of 34 autonomous order pickers. The first trucks were delivered in November 2017. More machines will come in January 2018. The machines will be deployed in Detailresult Logistiek BV’s food area in Velsen-Noord.

“We had already tested the iGo neo CX 20 some time ago. The results at that time gave sufficient grounds to keep an eye on the new technology. Although processes in our distribution centres are already very largely optimised, we are on the lookout for further potential improvements, e.g. the use of autonomous industrial trucks.” explaines Detailresult Logistiek BV’s Project Manager Arjan Warmerdam.

At Detailresult Logistiek BV, the iGo neo follows the order picker wherever he or she goes, while keeping a safe distance from shelving and possible obstructions at the same time, so the operator can concentrate fully on the work. This not only increases order picking performance, but also minimizes picking errors. Independent tests showed that increased productivity is achievable compared to conventional order picking. The intensive test at Detailresult Logistiek BV also underlines the previous test results. Warmerdam explains: “The exact productivity increase depends on the products and the order picking route. If the intervals between stops are not too long, the operator no longer needs to constantly get on and off, and is thus more productive.”

In addition to a productivity increase, the practical test at Detailresult also showed that the autonomous truck lightens the order picker’s workload during fatiguing movement patterns. Warmerdam comments: “Staff needed to get on and off several hundred times every working day. That was not only physically very stressful – especially for the knees and back – but also cost a lot of time.”

The way the iGo neo CX 20 is controlled also yields benefits for the logistician Detailresult. Compared to other industrial trucks that are controlled by hand, e.g. by a glove or a box attached at the waist, the iGo neo’s operator simply has to operate a button at the side of the machine, and the intelligent truck immediately uses its 360° scanner to “keep an eye” on him or her. Acting as a team colleague, the truck automatically follows the operator to the respective order picking stations and stops at once when he remains stationary. Warmerdam adds: “At first our employees needed a little time to get accustomed to it, but they are now happy to work with the clever order picker as a team. They now have both hands free, and can devote themselves entirely to order picking.”

Detailresult Logistiek BV is now using the iGo neo to move over to multi-client picking. This involves order picking into three roller containers at the same time, allowing further increases in productivity to be achieved. “Thanks to multi-client picking, we continue to depend on industrial trucks for order picking in this area. We are also examining whether there is potential for a corresponding adaptation of the order picking processes in other areas, and to use the iGo neo there as well.”

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