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Tecnotion’s newly introduced curved magnet tracks designed for more complicated curved movements

TM3 coil unit on a curved magnet track.
Photo by Tecnotion B.V.

How does a linear motor move over a curved track? A seemingly complicated question with straight forward answers. Where traditionally different motion systems can be used to follow up on a linear motion, Tecnotion develops curved magnet tracks. These tracks allow more complicated curved movements using a ‘traditional’ iron core linear coil unit.

Curved magnets enable the possibility to create a closed track entirely from direct drive linear motor parts. Curved magnets provide opportunities for transport, packaging and more. Tecnotion’s standard iron core linear motors, the TM, TL and TB(W) series can be used in a closed track system.

In particular systems with continuous flow and with more motors on one track can achieve higher efficiency using closed loop curved magnet tracks. Specific magnet curve radii can be manufactured to meet an applications required curvature. This is very interesting for OEM manufacturers. Large projects with curved magnet tracks are highly customizable.

Advantages of a curved magnet track:

  • Cost effective and less complex to control by using one motion.
  • Delivers a higher continuous force than a moving magnet solution.
  • Maintenance friendly and mechanically simple compared to a ‘combined system’ of belts and linear motors.
  • Far higher force than a curve made with straight magnet sections.
  • More versatile and free in movement than a transport belt.
  • Opportunity to use a continuous workflow instead of moving back and forth.
  • More versatile than a large torque motor, the possibility to use only a 90 or 180 degree curve and multiple coil units.
  • The Tecnotion TM, TL and TB(W) coil units are very capable on a curved track.

For more information, please visit http://www.tecnotion.com.