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New video demonstrates Uhing linear technology in action

They are performing reliably all over the world in the widest range of applications. This is reason enough to present these products to all persons who cannot watch them live on a fair.

No doubt: the RG rolling ring drive is the most famous Uhing invention. It comes in countless variants and with a great range of accessories. The Linear Technology Video shows the RG in the “Moving Spool” winder and also with electronic controller.

A feasible accessory for the rolling ring drive is the non-contact FA flange detecting system. It detects the coil width and the type of the coil flange automatically and matches the reversal points of the rolling ring drive accordingly. A laser sensor system checks the winding pattern continuously and triggers the reversal as soon as the material to be wound reaches the maximum height defined in the control software.

The linear drive nut RS comes with features and area of applications as flexible as those of the rolling ring drive. It can be operated even in dirt-loaden areas and fully meets the high requirements of the food industries.

The same also applies to the Easylock quick clamping system that develops high retaining forces on plain shafts. It is independent of the direction of rotation, vibration-proof and maintenance-free. Short change-over times are ensured by one hand operation. This property also applies to the Uhing U-Clip that securely fastens coils, rollers or cover parts on plain shafts.

Timing belt drives featuring high thrust forces, robustness and long service life complete the Uhing range of linear technology products. These guide systems have bases made of rigid and torsion-resistant aluminium sections. Attachments can be mounted and T-slotted nuts inserted into the slots of the base profile.

The Uhing Linear Technology products not only convince by their function but also by their design. The product video available on the Uhing website clearly demonstrates this.

Click here to watch the video. For more information, please visit http://www.uhing.com.